Hope You Got Your Honey Do List Done Already*

* A note from a hockey mom, which was also a reminder to catch up with the blog’s theme.  For you cruise fans, we still have to cover Cozumel and Ft. Myers, but the spring sports season has begun . . . and I haven’t.  Softball (above photo by Val Trumm), golf, tennis, track are now competing with the springtime honey do list!  We did make the softball fundraiser at the Elk’s last night – a spaghetti dinner with all the fixin’s (w/a nod to Niles Crane).  To the best of my knowledge, not a single spaghetti stain on my attire.  The team did a great job tending to the needs of the diners.  We think we can catch our first game, or part of it, this Friday before we go to Harvey at the AAAA Theatre.

[Jami Piepenburg is setting new records every time she runs – and by fall she will be running for the U of M.  Echo Press photo.]

[Jennifer Lawrence is setting new standards in archery.]

[And my favorite columnist, Anna Quindlen, has a new book out.]

Yesterday I passed on a beautiful golf day.  In recognition of the fact that the supervisor is the boss, I decided discretion was the better part of valor and on my own, before I got the look, began the honey do list which had been languishing since return from the cruise.  Mr. Maintenance sprange into action, even after having already completed an hour and half walk at the gym.  Task number one was to take the tarp off all the outdoor furniture that winters under a deck.  Then the dissemination of said furniture.  I have made concessions to age and diminishing muscle mass for this task.  A table whose original top was shattered in a storm and subsequently rebuilt by the supervisor with a tile top is no longer toted up stairs to a lakeside deck.  At one time, I carried this 4,000 pound monster, balancing it on my ahead as I negotiated the steps, often snagging the upturned table legs in overhanging tree branches, at tremendous threat to life and limb!  Now that table is merely carried, with the supervisor’s help, across flat land to the patio.

We interrupt the continuing adventures of Mr. Maintenance to include photos by the staff photographer taken at the girls’ basketball post-season banquet, which we had to miss because of the big boat trip.

[Assistant coach Kevin Engebretson hands out the awards.]

[Coach Wendy Kohler at the mike.]



[Whitney Giselle, Lauren Trumm, Kalli Bowser, Amanda Christianson, Dani Strater, Cara Wood]

[And Barb and Roger Riley were there representing the Super Fans!]

Mr. Maintenance then tried his hand at washing down all the furniture, installing the umbrellas, and the scrubbing the winter-filthy recycling bin.  Having cleared space under the deck, the supervisor was able to blow out all the leaves and debris, and we had a lovely fire in the burn pit.  (I earlier in the week had enjoyed a lovely pick-up-sticks day in the yard that also lead to a fire – the supervisor’s delight.)  Next up was to move the riding mower out of the garage.  I have previously written about the joys of operating and maintaining our Snapper, the cheapest riding mower available oh those many years ago.  I could not see myself investing in a “real” riding mower at the time because even then they cost more than what it took to put me through college!  The first task once the mower was free was to re-inflate the tires.  I do this with a bicycle pump because it has a gauge.  I first have to take off the “hubcaps” to get at the air thingees.  Those manuveurs produced a lot of grease, and such, under my fingernails.  Now, I have often expressed my desire not to be a grounds maintenance laborer, not that there’s anything wrong with grounds maintenance work – it’s just that I have a long history of exclusively performing white collar office work, where a paper cut could lay me up for weeks!  Once the four tires on the mower and the one on the wheelbarrow were blown up, it was time to see if the Snapper would start.

[Whitney and Lauren]

[Lauren, Whitney, and Cara, the senior tri-captains.  I’m trying to figure out a way to get another year of eligibility for each of them!  🙂  ]

[Lauren w/Jess Syvrud]

[and w/Jaylen Olson-Rodel]



[Lauren and Dad, a/k/a staff photographer]

[w/Kendra Holm]

[w/Sarah Bruzek]

[Basketball Moms!]



[w/JV coach Julie Hatlestad]

[Val Trumm, a/k/a Mom]

[w/Dave Harris, Voice of the Cardinals]

The Snapper is not so sophisticated as to have a battery.  You pull a cord to start it – just like a walking mower.  In its dodderingdom (there’s that made up word again, Jo), it’s getting harder and harder to do.  First of all, I couldn’t remember whether I’d put Sta-bil in the gas tank.  The first several pulls did not even produce a cough of indifference.  The supervisor suggested checking the oil – we added a tad.  Still no luck.  The supervisor suggested putting a little gas on the spark plug.  I have now become proficient enough that I have the right tool and know how to change a spark plug.  We put a little gas on the plug.  And we remembered from last summer what next-door neighbor and all-around handyman, Arnie, told us – the brake lock probably wasn’t working all that well, so I had the supervisor stand on the brake while I pulled the cord.  A couple more pulls, and just before I went into complete oxygen debt, the old engine fired up!  Noisy as a ’57 Chevy with a straight pipe – but it was running.  I was so proud.  😉   Another honey do job completed.  The final job was just to clean the garage – winters in Minnesota create quite a mess in there.  Lookin’ pretty good now – and I’m probably cleared for the next several rounds of golf!

[We’re pretty much back to our old routine.  Matt Veline played at the winery on Saturday – his 3 1/2 year old son, Will, joined him by playing his cello as a stand-up bass.  Matt (and Julie?) will play on the courthouse lawn this summer for the Red Willow Coalition.]

[And Saturday night, Lisa Lynn was at SAWA.]

[Can summer be far behind?]

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