Softball and Theatre L’Homme Dieu

May 5 (Cinco de Mayo)

[PLAY BALL: Finally, weather worthy of the season.  A rare Saturday session – Eden Valley – Watkins and Jamestown, ND, came to town for a round robin.  This was not previously on the schedule.  I think the teams did some late scheduling just to get some games in – the weather being totally prohibitive until now.]

5-5-18-1 - Copy

[I guess we’re at the right place?]

5-5-18-3 - Copy5-5-18-4 - Copy

[Cardinal pitcher Ally Albers warms-up . . . ]

5-5-18-5 - Copy

[You know the old saying:  You can’t tell the players without a scorecard?  Well, that applies here.  Due to the circumstances, there was no “paperwork” for these games.  I don’t remember a lot of the players.  I’ll try my best.]

5-5-18-6 - Copy

[And so the game begins . . . ]

5-5-18-7 - Copy

[Jamie Lanoue is catching for the Cards . . . ]

5-5-18-8 - Copy

[Looks like a slider?]

5-5-18-9 - Copy5-5-18-10 - Copy

5-5-18-11 - Copy

[This is 2nd baseman Allison O’Kane’s 3rd year as lead-off hitter . . . ]

5-5-18-12 - Copy5-5-18-13 - Copy5-5-18-14 - Copy

[This may be Kendra Hardy, but don’t quote me on that . . . ]

5-5-18-16 - Copy5-5-18-17 - Copy

[And this may be centerfielder Calley Richardson’s 3rd year as clean-up hitter . . . ]

5-5-18-18 - Copy

[Here I managed to capture the essence of the sport. Calley hit a towering Harmon Killebrew-esque pop up right over home plate. Planes landing at Chandler Field had to take evasive manuveurs. The catcher and ump immediately looked straight up – the ump continuing to do so for the next several minutes. The catcher, a mere wisp of a player, was very good and made the catch.]

5-5-18-19 - Copy5-5-18-20 - Copy

[The Eagle’s catcher shows her agility here . . . ]

5-5-18-22 - Copy

[Not sure who our hitter is here?]

5-5-18-23 - Copy

[I believe this is Lindsey Knoll . . . ]

5-5-18-24 - Copy

[The Cards looked really ragged from lack of play.  Bradley and I left after 5 innings as other events were calling.  We lost 8 – 2, the score when we left.]

5-5-18-25 - Copy

Bevrijdingsdag  (May 5th is also Liberation Day for The Netherlands)

[The next event was Run for the Roses, the annual fundraiser for Theatre L’Homme Dieu held in conjunction with the Kentucky Derby. The Alexandria Golf Club hosted this year.]

5-5-18-26 - Copy

[The Super pulls the VW convertible into the club on a beautiful day . . . ]

5-5-18-27 - Copy

[You’ll notice a bluish tinge to the first 10-12 pictures or so.  That’s because I had my camera on the wrong setting.  I tried to correct it in the “processing,” but this is the best I could do.  And that’s why I’m “The Cub Reporter,” not a real reporter!]

5-5-18-28 - Copy5-5-18-29 - Copy

[Hey, let’s sit outside!]

5-5-18-30 - Copy

[The Echo Press was on hand to cover such as the appropriate and matching attire of Amy and David Sunderland . . . ]

5-5-18-31 - Copy5-5-18-32 - Copy

[And the Echo photo . . . ]

sunderlands 5-5-18 - Copy

[Let’s PAR-TAY!!]

5-5-18-33 - Copy

[The Boy Tenor gives a raised-armed greeting . . . ]

5-5-18-34 - Copy

[And is then joined by his guitar player . . . ]

5-5-18-35 - Copy

[Ahhhh, hard to beat a nice day at the club . . . ]

5-5-18-36 - Copy5-5-18-37 - Copy

[Oh, there are people inside too . . . ]

5-5-18-38 - Copy

[The Derby is getting ready to start . . . ]

5-5-18-39 - Copy

[Here’s the theatre’s fearless leader, Nicole Mulder, with two close relatives . . . ]

5-5-18-42 - Copy

[The excitement rises . . . ]

5-5-18-43 - Copy5-5-18-44 - Copy5-5-18-45 - Copy

[Our music mates, Dave and Karin Berg, share a word with Nicole . . . ]

5-5-18-46 - Copy

[The name of the horse the Super and I drew in the blind draw never appeared on the screen during the race?  Uffda!!]

5-5-18-47 - Copy5-5-18-48 - Copy

[The Super won a bottle of Carlos Creek’s Reserve Marquette for either the best Run for the Roses attire, or voted most likely to have been a jockey, I forget which . . . ]

5-5-18-49 - Copy

[Dave won his bottle of Reserve Marquette for being the best golfer at our table . . . ]

5-5-18-52 - Copy

[I’m taking my bottle of wine and going home . . . ]

5-5-18-53 - Copy

[And here are this year’s program billboards . . . ]

5-5-18-54 - Copy5-5-18-55 - Copy5-5-18-56 - Copy5-5-18-57 - Copy

[And I’m taking my bottle of wine home!]

5-5-18-58 - Copy5-5-18-59 - Copy5-5-18-59-1 - Copy

And here is the theatre’s 2018 season.  Come join us – thanks to Nicole, it’s gonna be great!!

The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder.  ~
 Alfred Hitchcock

Up Next:  We’ll find out together.

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  1. G. says:

    Glad to see by the photos that the Minnesotans are finally able to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine! Looks like a fun time enjoying the derby.

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