Happy 70th To Me! (Day 2)

September 3

[After overnighting in Worthington, the plan was for a little more sightseeing, then heading northeast to New Ulm via Highway 60, and then spending the night in New Ulm.  First up, drive by Mom’s old house in the morning . . . ]

9-3-17-1 - Copy

[Downtown Worthington . . . ]

9-3-17-2 - Copy

[Swing by El Azteca again . . . ]

9-3-17-3 - Copy

Strange . . . but true

[This is Larry (with Laura, obviously).  Larry was born in Worthington and lived in the house located one picture below this one.  That house was about 4 blocks from where Mom grew up.  Near as we can figure there was at least a few years overlap between the two families before Mom’s moved to Minneapolis, but they didn’t know each other then.  When the McCoys moved to Alex some 30+ years later, they bought the Obert house (that we built in ’49-50-ish) in 1967 and have lived there ever since.  The house has had the same phone number for 68 years.  And then to cap it off, Larry and I have the same birthday!]


[McCoy house in Worthington . . . ]

9-3-17-4 - Copy

[Obert house in Victoria Heighs, Alex, c. 1950 . . . ]



[Obert/McCoy house mid-60’s, yes, we added a 2nd floor in the early 60’s.]


[Back to current times, we returned to Pupuseria & Restaurant Crystal (remember it was closed on Saturday) to pick up some Salvadoran pupusas for the road.]

9-3-17-5 - Copy

[Adios, Worthington!]

9-3-17-7 - Copy

[On Highway 60 to New Ulm, passing Brewster, population 473.]

9-3-17-8 - Copy

9-3-17-9 - Copy

[Highway 60 parallels a railroad track – there are grain elevators every couple of miles.]

9-3-17-10 - Copy

9-3-17-11 - Copy

9-3-17-12 - Copy

[Maybe the Heron Lake water tower?]

9-3-17-13 - Copy

[Another nice mid-sized town.]

9-3-17-14 - Copy

[And back to the little guys – population here is 87.]

9-3-17-15 - Copy

[And we’re at the next overnight destination . . . ]

new ulm - Copy

new ulm2 - Copy

new ulm3 - Copy

[This is “Weakie’s” (3rd from the left) homtown.]


[Some nice TOPOGRAPHY heading into town.  The city has a population of 13,522, very Alexandria-like.]

9-3-17-16 - Copy

[Displaying the German heritage.]

9-3-17-17-1 - Copy

[We were looking for a place to lunch on the pupusas we brought from Worthington . . . ]

9-3-17-18 - Copy

[This was a little park at the base of the road into Schell’s Brewery . . . ]

9-3-17-19 - Copy

[Unfortunately, we should have eaten the pupusas when they were hot and fresh!]

9-3-17-20 - Copy

[Heading out of the park . . . ]

9-3-17-21 - Copy

[And there’s the little covered picnic area where we noshed . . . ]

9-3-17-22 - Copy

[The road up to Schell’s.  It was a Sunday on a holiday weekend.  No chance to find parking anywhere near the place, so we didn’t partake.]

9-3-17-23 - Copy

[A park . . . it says so on the sign.]

9-3-17-24 - Copy

new ulm4 - Copy

[Our windshield sticker was good to the end of the month . . . ]

9-3-17-25 - Copy

9-3-17-26 - Copy

9-3-17-27 - Copy

[Hot summer day, holday weekend . . . ]

9-3-17-28 - Copy

[Why was everything closed?]

9-3-17-29 - Copy

[A unique natural swimming pool – never seen such before?]

9-3-17-30 - Copy

9-3-17-31 - Copy

9-3-17-32 - Copy

9-3-17-33 - Copy

9-3-17-34 - Copy

9-3-17-35 - Copy

[And working our way back to town . . . ]

9-3-17-36 - Copy

[“Weakie” has been eating here for 70 years – always gets the b-b-que ribs, french fries, and cole slaw . . . ]

9-3-17-37 - Copy

[We ordered wine – our server noted that people here drink beer, not wine!  Ha!]

9-3-17-38 - Copy

[We split an order and opted for hashbrowns rather than fries . . . ]

9-3-17-40-1 - Copy

[Well worth the long considered visit – the cole slaw was the best ever, crispy and vinegar based!]

9-3-17-41-1 - Copy

[A nice trend we’ve noted in cities this size – downtown corner art.]

9-3-17-42 - Copy

[It’s a clock, it’s a musical clock, it’s a big musical clock with wooden people that pop out of it. … New Ulm’s Glockenspiel is a 45-foot-high musical clock tower with performing animated figures; carillon with 37 bells.  (www.roadsideamerica.com]

9-3-17-43 - Copy

[Where we just dined . . . ]

9-3-17-44 - Copy

[Across the street from where we just dined . . . ]

9-3-17-45 - Copy

[New Ulm history . . .

9-3-17-46 - Copy

9-3-17-47 - Copy

9-3-17-48 - Copy

9-3-17-49 - Copy

9-3-17-50 - Copy

[One of these is a real person . . . ]

9-3-17-51 - Copy

[Cool building with a supposedly cool restaurant?]

9-3-17-54 - Copy

[Again, German heritage . . . ]

9-3-17-55 - Copy

9-3-17-56 - Copy

[“Weakie’s” favorite radio station because it’s “junk” spelled backwards (I believe for New Ulm Journal?).]

9-3-17-57 - Copy

9-3-17-59 - Copy

[We will do a final tour of New Ulm in the morning before heading to Glencoe.]

9-3-17-60 - Copy

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.  ~  Groucho Marx

Up Next:  Birthday, the actual day!

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