Lands Down Under (Day 14)

January 24


picton - Copy

picton-1 - Copy

picton2 - Copy

[Picton is at the northern tip of South Island; the following day we would be in the capital city of Wellington on the southern tip of North Island.  Picton is similar Timaru, but placed at the end of a long bay.]

1-24-17-1 - Copy

[I’d never heard of Picton before.  But then I’d never heard of Timaru before either.  It doesn’t make me a bad person (?).  I had heard of Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, and Nelson – I am a geography major, after all.  We even have friends who have relatives in Nelson, which is not that far from Picton.]

1-24-17-2 - Copy

[The Super took this approaching photo . . . ]

20170124_080808 - Copy

[Then I took over the landing . . . ]

1-24-17-3 - Copy

[Looks like another picturesque destination!]

1-24-17-4 - Copy

[And looking back at whence we came . . . ]

1-24-17-5 - Copy

[Beautiful day, beautiful scenery!]

1-24-17-6 - Copy

[The Super took this shot – the transportation between North and South Islands.]

20170124_093603 - Copy

[And we’re ashore . . . ]

1-24-17-7 - Copy

[Looks like a tropical island, n’est-ce pas?]

1-24-17-8 - Copy

[The Super took the next 4 shots, first looking back at the Maasdam . . . ]

20170124_102958 - Copy

[As an older person, I really appreciate a well-marked restroom!]

20170124_103013 - Copy

[G’day, mates, from a land down under!]

20170124_103034 - Copy

20170124_103106 - Copy

[And back to me, what she was taking a photo of  . . ]

1-24-17-9 - Copy

1-24-17-10 - Copy

[The Super’s, as we left the waterfront ascending into town.]

20170124_103129 - Copy

[Then my same shot.]

1-24-17-11 - Copy

[Then obviously the Super’s, with downtown Picton in the background.  Yup, that’s the main drag.]

20170124_103216 - Copy

[Now what waterfront is complete without a classic bar/restaurant?  The boys spent some time here while the girls shopped.]

1-24-17-12 - Copy

[Please read the sign all the way to the bottom.  Thank you.]

1-24-17-13 - Copy

[A quaint – yet perfect – harbor.]

1-24-17-14 - Copy

[We’re going for a stroll now . . . ]

1-24-17-15 - Copy

[The previous shot was from this foot bridge.]

1-24-17-16 - Copy

[The Super took 2 shots of the commencement of our soon to be identified hike.]

20170124_120656 - Copy

20170124_120700 - Copy

[And here it is identified – note the listed time for this adventure.]

1-24-17-17 - Copy

[On our way, the Super took the next two . . . ]

20170124_121139 - Copy

20170124_121429 - Copy

[And I this one.]

1-24-17-18 - Copy

[Then three more from the Super . . . ]

20170124_121946 - Copy

[You will note this was not a casual beach walk . . . ]

20170124_122202 - Copy

[We’re already rising in elevation.]

20170124_122207 - Copy

[These next two are mine . . . ]

1-24-17-19 - Copy

[This was an obvious photo op setting, but I had to wait for two-way pedestrian traffic to subside to get this shot.  Smile, Ruthie!]

1-24-17-20 - Copy

[Onward . . . ]

1-24-17-21 - Copy

[The Super got these next two . . . ]

20170124_122235 - Copy

20170124_124138 - Copy

[And I the latter.]

1-24-17-22 - Copy

[The complete and total history of Bob’s Bay Walk, all on a single plaque.]

1-24-17-23 - Copy

[And from where we are . . . ]

1-24-17-24 - Copy

[From where we were.]

1-24-17-24-1 - Copy

[We made it to the end of the 30-minute walk in about 45 minutes, as I recall.  Granted we paused for photos, but the hike involved some elevation changes.]

1-24-17-25 - Copy

[A STAR . . . fish]

1-24-17-26 - Copy

1-24-17-26-1 - Copy

[In the Super’s shot, you will note it has an odd number of appendages . . . ]

20170124_124407-1 - Copy

[Back to mine, with Anne exploring up the beach line.]

1-24-17-27 - Copy

[And we met a couple here.  He volunteered to take our group photo.  She, as part of the small world syndrome, was a marine biologist from the University of Miami and originally from Hastings, Minnesota.  Go figure.]

1-24-17-28 - Copy

[As we left, climbing back up the hill, a shot back down to the beach where a family so wanting to swim just went in with their clothes on.]

1-24-17-30 - Copy

[We climbed the mountain, through a dense rain forest, heading back to town.]

1-24-17-31 - Copy

1-24-17-32 - Copy

[The views were probably worth it.]

1-24-17-33 - Copy

[A place to sit down, catch our breath, and have a drink.]

1-24-17-34 - Copy

[The Super took the next three.  Yeah, it was warm, but I find it easier to wear a windbreaker than to carry it.]

20170124_132024 - Copy

20170124_132044 - Copy

[We appear to be approaching town.]

20170124_132107 - Copy

[I confirm the Super’s picture.]

1-24-17-35 - Copy

[We’re all the way back to the foot bridge, crossing back into town . . .]

1-24-17-36 - Copy

[From which we noticed a rather large ray in the water.]

1-24-17-38 - Copy

1-24-17-38-1 - Copy

[We survived the Bob’s Bay Walk!]

1-24-17-40 - Copy

[Ahhh, back to civilization.]

1-24-17-41 - Copy

[And now heading back down to the waterfront enroute back to the ship.]

1-24-17-42 - Copy

[Still looks like a resort destination.]

1-24-17-43 - Copy

[If it looks like a duck and swims like a duck . . . ]

1-24-17-44 - Copy

[These are called flowers.  They look and smell pretty.]

1-24-17-45 - Copy

1-24-17-46 - Copy

I love it when the flight attendant says, “Your seat cushion becomes a flotation device.” Well why doesn’t the plane just become a boat?  ~ Steve Shaffer

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