A Reunion of “The Biddies”

May 16

[We left Noblesville, a northern suburb of Indianapolis, the evening of Tom’s graduation to visit Ruthie’s sister Rita in Nashville, Indiana, about 60 miles south of Indianapolis.  We had not been there in four years, the year Tom graduated from high school (see, blogs are useful for tracking such things!).  We were shocked when we arrived to notice there was a new house under construction in the lot next to hers (by an 88-year old widower, no less) – it had been vacant since at least 1972 when Rita moved into her classic square log home.  She always wanted that lot if it ever went up for sale . . . it’s a long story.]


5-16-16-1 - Copy

5-16-16-2 - Copy

5-16-16-3 - Copy

[First of things to do in this quaint artist community of 830 citizens (the county seat of famous Brown County and the only incorporated town in the county) was to walk  a couple blocks down Rita’s street (Artist Drive) to the extraordinary county art gallery.  The place is huge, befitting Nashville’s artsy-fartsy status (McDonald’s (yes, and there is also a Subway) was not allowed to put up its golden arches because it violated community standards).  Incidentally, Rita was the county’s school nurse.]

5-16-16-5 - Copy

5-16-16-6 - Copy

[Bill and Judy Zimmerman are Rita’s neighbors, and we got to known them quite well during our visits over the years.  Bill died in 2011, and the gallery has a studio dedicated to him.]

5-16-16-7 - Copy

5-16-16-8 - Copy

[Now we know why it takes “Crazy” Dave so long to get back from Florida every year!]

5-16-16-9 - Copy

[David Dale is another artist with whom we’ve been friends for many years.]

5-16-16-10 - Copy

5-16-16-11 - Copy

5-16-16-13 - Copy

5-16-16-14 - Copy

5-16-16-15 - Copy

5-16-16-16 - Copy

[Bill’s studio.]

5-16-16-17 - Copy

5-16-16-18 - Copy

5-16-16-19 - Copy

5-16-16-20 - Copy

5-16-16-21 - Copy

5-16-16-22 - Copy

5-16-16-23 - Copy

5-16-16-24 - Copy

[Then back to wandering – this place is ginormous!]

5-16-16-25 - Copy

[Bill was a famous bird painter, but here he did bears.]

5-16-16-26 - Copy

[Reetz in between Dave and Cindy Dale on the left and Bill and Judy Zimmerman on the right.  The photo is from 2010.]


[We have three of Bill’s owl prints at home.  Oh, and he also did the mobile.]


5-16-16-27 - Copy

5-16-16-28 - Copy

[Then it was time to resupply the liquid grape.  Yes, a guy actually did drive his car through the door!]

5-16-16-30 - Copy

5-16-16-29 - Copy

5-16-16-29-1 - Copy

May 17

[The Super’s son Rob dropped by for a visit.  Well, it was more than a drop by – he lives in Ohio so we don’t get a chance to see  him much.  It was good to have a whole day with him.]

5-17-16-4 - Copy

May 18

[Hey, let’s do a walkabout!  The population may be less than a thousand, but there are three stoplights in town.  This place goes tourist crazy in season, which is most of the year.]

5-18-16-1 - Copy

[We’re in the “mountains” of Brown County, and Brown County State Park is known hither and yon.]

5-18-16-2 - Copy

5-18-16-3 - Copy

[This is on the town’s main intersection.]

5-18-16-4 - Copy

5-18-16-5 - Copy

5-18-16-8 - Copy

[City and/or town murals are becoming popular.  These were two of several in Nashville.]

5-18-16-10 - Copy

5-18-16-11 - Copy

5-18-16-12 - Copy

5-18-16-13 - Copy

[There are several commerical streets, and they all look pretty much like this.]

5-18-16-14 - Copy

5-18-16-14-1 - Copy

[The courthouse bison.  No, I don’t know why?]

5-18-16-15 - Copy

5-18-16-16 - Copy

[Back to “city” center.  That’s the Hob Nob Cafe on the left, where we would be dining that evening.]

5-18-16-17 - Copy

[But now it was time for a late brunch at Bobby Knight’s Sandwich Shop!  Hoosier-mania!]

5-18-16-18 - Copy

[Never pass up a mirror!]

5-18-16-19 - Copy

5-18-16-21 - Copy

5-18-16-22 - Copy

5-18-16-23 - Copy

[The famous “chair toss”!]

5-18-16-24 - Copy

5-18-16-25 - Copy

5-18-16-26 - Copy

5-18-16-27 - Copy

5-18-16-28 - Copy

5-18-16-29 - Copy

5-18-16-30 - Copy

[And now we’re at the Hob Nob for an evening of fine dining.  Jeff Foster was excellent on guitar – I was surprised I couldn’t find any good YouTube videos of him?  He needs a good promoter!  As we passed his table on the way out, I asked him if he’d be interested in playing Alexandria, Minnesota – his wife almost gagged on a brussel sprout!]

5-18-16-31 - Copy

5-18-16-32 - Copy

5-18-16-34 - Copy

5-18-16-35 - Copy

5-18-16-37 - Copy

5-18-16-38 - Copy

[Leaving the Hob Nob for the 4 block drive back home.]

5-18-16-39 - Copy

5-18-16-40 - Copy

May 19

[What?  Another huge, new public building, this one housing the Brown County Historical Society.  Along with their super library, this small town has more conference rooms than the Minnesota State Senate building!  The place was closed when we got there – no problem, Rita went home and got the key (she’s on the board).  The town raised $4 1/2 million to build this place.]

5-19-16-1 - Copy

[Kinda what Reetz’s house looks like on the inside – well, the square log walls.]

5-19-16-2 - Copy

[They could fit the entire town in each of these “rooms.”]

5-19-16-3 - Copy

5-19-16-4 - Copy

[Taken under orders from the Supervisor.]

5-19-16-5 - Copy

[Reetz heads to the far windows for the best overview of Nashville.]

5-19-16-6 - Copy

[And here it is.]

5-19-16-7 - Copy

5-19-16-8 - Copy

5-19-16-9 - Copy

[The record room.]

5-19-16-11 - Copy

5-19-16-12 - Copy

5-19-16-13 - Copy

5-19-16-14 - Copy

5-19-16-15 - Copy

5-19-16-16 - Copy

[Then off to the aforementioned McDonald’s.  This opaque glass display is a tribute to Bill Zimmerman.  When Bill was in failing health, this place had the easiest access.]

5-19-16-17 - Copy

5-19-16-18 - Copy

[And then on to a new county walking trail, also a result of community donations.]

5-19-16-19 - Copy

5-19-16-20 - Copy

5-19-16-22 - Copy

5-19-16-23 - Copy

5-19-16-25 - Copy

[I made it!!]

5-19-16-29 - Copy



On sisters:  My sister asked where Nicaragua was. I said, “Central America.” She said, “Oh so near Kansas?” I see a pole and body glitter in her future. ~ Anonymous

Up Next:  Bat? or Europe?

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