July in Alexandria (Part II)

High School Jazz Combo @ Bug-A-Boo Bay

7-22-14-1-1 - Copy 7-22-14-2 - Copy 7-22-14-2-1 - Copy 7-22-14-5 - Copy 7-22-14-7 - Copy 7-22-14-9 - Copy 7-22-14-12 - Copy 7-22-14-14 - Copy

[July 22, we know Paul Meland on sax and Kirby Karpan on bass, who both have played in such groups for what seems like many years.  I think they both graduated this year?]

Anthony Miltich @ Arrowwood

[“Don’t Know Why”]

7-23-14-2 - Copy 7-23-14-3 - Copy 7-23-14-5 - Copy 7-23-14-7 - Copy 7-23-14-10 - Copy 7-23-14-12 - Copy 7-23-14-13 - Copy

[July 23]

Reverend Raven & the Chain Smokin’ Altar Boys @ The Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum Gardens

[“Come Back Baby” – The supervisor did a video of this song on the night and put it on Facebook.]

7-25-14-88 - Copy

[First, the tour, July 25.]

7-25-14-89 - Copy 7-25-14-90 - Copy 7-25-14-91 - Copy 7-25-14-92 - Copy 7-25-14-93 - Copy 7-25-14-94 - Copy 7-25-14-95 - Copy

7-25-14-96 - Copy

[Then, the band.]

7-25-14-97 - Copy 7-25-14-98 - Copy 7-25-14-100 - Copy 7-25-14-102 - Copy

[“Big Al”- chances are pretty good that if your name is Al, and you’re big, you’re going to be called Big Al.]

7-25-14-104 - Copy 7-25-14-105 - Copy 7-25-14-106 - Copy 7-25-14-107 - Copy

[The Rev]

7-25-14-108 - Copy 7-25-14-109 - Copy

[Donny Moore]

7-25-14-111 - Copy 7-25-14-112 - Copy 7-25-14-113 - Copy 7-25-14-114 - Copy

7-25-14-114-1 - Copy

7-25-14-115 - Copy 7-25-14-116 - Copy 7-25-14-117 - Copy

Lisa Lynn @ Sixth Avenue Wine & Ale

7-25-14-118 - Copy

[ . . . later the same evening.]


[“Brand New Key”]

[“Make You Feel My Love”]

[“I Won’t Hold You Back”]

[“So Far Away”]

7-25-14-119 - Copy

[So, how’d you like them apples?]

7-25-14-120 - Copy


Harper’s Chord @ Sixth Avenue Wine & Ale

7-26-14-1 - Copy

[Roger Fink, Jill Moore, Paul Drinkwine, July 26]

7-26-14-2 - Copy

[Roger, Jill, Paul – they maintained their original positions, in an obvious attempt to confuse me.]

[“Loose Change”]

7-26-14-5 - Copy

[Paul . . . oh, you knew that from previous photos.]

7-26-14-6 - Copy

[Jill had her three kids there – George, Henry, and 4-year old Harper, for whom the group is named (I wonder if she gets royalties?).]

7-26-14-7 - Copy

[And she’s a hockey mom.]


7-26-14-8 - Copy

[Oh, she hit it!]

7-26-14-9 - Copy

[Roger, in a pensive moment . . . or trying to find a chord.]

7-26-14-11 - Copy

7-26-14-12 - Copy

7-26-14-13 - Copy

[The Three Faces of Jill?]

7-26-14-14 - Copy

[Get down, get funky!]


7-26-14-15 - Copy

[The audience took a poll.  You guys did good.  😉  ]

[“Natural Bridge”]

7-26-14-16 - Copy 7-26-14-17 - Copy

[Music fans having a serious discussion about the origins of the fret.]

 Patchouli @ Art-in-the-Park

7-27-14-1 - Copy

[Looked dreary, decided not to take the convertible.  Danny was up north with the pick-up.  His Smart Car was the smart choice.  Nokomis was a parking lot for miles in all directions – we drove right in, a kid cheerfully pointed us to this spot where no one else would fit.  We couldn’t have found a closer spot!  🙂   ]

7-27-14-2 - Copy

[There mostly to see Julie and Bruce . . . ]

7-27-14-3 - Copy

[But the supervisor would have to do some shopping too.]

7-27-14-4 - Copy


7-27-14-5 - Copy

[Grilling right outside Bruce’s tent.]

7-27-14-6 - Copy

[They say they do better CD sales at Art-in-the-Park than any other venue.]

7-27-14-7 - Copy

[“The Woods”]

7-27-14-8 - Copy

[The wind was at their back, so we were protected in the front row . . . ]

7-27-14-10 - Copy

[And it was howling too, with the temp in the mid-60’s.  Felt great, most of the time this is the hottest weekend of the year with temps in the 90’s.]

7-27-14-11 - Copy[Looking across Lake Agnes to downtown Alex . . . ]

7-27-14-12 - Copy

[A closer look at the “skyline.”]

7-27-14-13 - Copy

[Lake Henry on the other side of the point had good surfing waves!]

7-27-14-14 - Copy

[Back across a quiet Lake Agnes.]

7-27-14-15 - Copy

[Crafts, music, and . . . food!]

7-27-14-16 - Copy

[The supervisor filled out a slip – she’s down to her last hundred quilts.  Yes, that is Burke Kiger.]

7-27-14-17 - Copy

[If you grew up in Alex in the 50’s, you had swimming lessons here – the City Park beach.]

7-27-14-18 - Copy

[The place was hopping – and 3 degrees cooler, we could have had snow!]

7-27-14-19 - Copy 7-27-14-20 - Copy 7-27-14-21 - Copy 7-27-14-21-1 - Copy

[The cross-country coach told us later, we got the kettle corn from Megan, who with twin sister Bethany, are the best high school cross-country runners in the state.]

7-27-14-22 - Copy

[Say good-bye, Ruthie!]

7-27-14-23 - Copy

[The Smart Car is still there.  In this time frame, we also “experienced” Kalee Joy at the winery (too windy), The Salty Dogs at Bug-A-Boo (too noisy and crowded), and Components at SAWA (too noisy with bad sight lines).  Photographic evidence was hampered by the parentheticals.]

Up next:  Gotta get back to France.


[They call me Mellow Yellow . . . The class of ’65 was astonished we weren’t “carded” during lunch at Bella’s?]

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