Remembering Bruce . . . and Other Music


5-16-14-25 - Copy

[The event is described by Mikko below.  And I really hesitated in “covering” it until . . . well, until Annie joined in on the music, though this was my final shot of the afternoon.]

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[Bruce’s wake was Saturday. 600+ people showed up to honor our old friend and play kick the can with a thousand sweet memories. It was a microcosm of life, with laughter and tears, some anger and bitterness, rainbarrels full of love, and music galore. Close to fifty musicians on hand were among the best that Minnesota, and North Dakota and South Dakota have to offer. There was so much love in that big old horse barn at Carlos Creek Winery that everybody spent all they had and still had an abundance left to take home with them. The Bruce was well represented and well loved. And life goes on.  Rest in peace, my friend. ~ Mikko]

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[Ruthie held up a painting of Bruce and Annie . . . ]

5-16-14-3 - Copy

[I’m sorry, I don’t know who did it.]

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5-16-14-5 - Copy

[Various musicians took the stage over the course of the afternoon . . . ]

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[I had to include the following video, I believe penned by Terry Kennedy (2nd from the left) with the vocal led off by Bruce and followed by Al Lieffort.  A telling saga of Minnesota winters.]

Thin Ice:

5-16-14-14 - Copy

5-16-14-16 - Copy

[Annie & Mikko]

5-16-14-19 - Copy

5-16-14-22 - Copy

[I finally decided the flash worked better, if obtrusive.]

5-16-14-23 - Copy

5-16-14-24 - Copy

[And the penultimate shot, with Sami mugging for the cameras.]

But the music continues (as Bruce would have demanded) . . .

5-10-14-4-1 - Copy

[This is Katie Ray, performing at the winery on May 10.]

5-10-14-5 - Copy

5-10-14-7 - Copy

[We had actually seen her perform with Mikko a few years earlier at the winery . . . I’ll be damned if I can find that photo again?]

5-10-14-10 - Copy

[The following video is a YouTube compilation.]

Katie Ray:

5-11-14-1 - Copy

[On May 11, our annual tradition of Mother’s Day brunch at the golf club . . .]

5-11-14-2 - Copy

5-11-14-4 - Copy

[With Angie, Bob, and Vivian Annen.]

5-11-14-5 - Copy

[Bob thought my “new” eye was sparkling in the over head lights.  Don’t see it?]

5-11-14fieldhammer - Copy

[Our staff reporter, “Rock,” from the north end of Big Darling took this photo of our place from his deck . . . a mile away!  Does the NSA know about this?]

5-15-14-2 - Copy

[The evening of May 15, the renovation of Broadway has begun.]

5-15-14-3 - Copy

5-17-14-1 - Copy

[Tami, the winery owner, told me when we were out there the afternoon of May 17 that she had posted my video of Josie Nelson from last year.  Finally outside, temp in the low 60’s, but that cold NW wind made videos impossible (last year, I videoed Josie from the side so I could block the camera microphone from the wind). The photo is from last Saturday. We left after a couple hours because the supervisor was getting cold. Still nice to see Josie again . . . and nice to be outside!]


5-17-14-2 - Copy

[From Josie’s FB page, January 15:  It’s official!! Although this has been in the works for months, today I’m signing a publishing deal with SQE, a music company in L.A. SO excited to take my first big step in the music world and to work with an amazing group of people. Lots of songwriting in my future–I CAN’T WAIT!]

Don’t Know Why:

5-17-14-3-1 - Copy

[Because it was so windy again, and she always kids about bringing the wind with her, I couldn’t take any videos without having that background whooshing.  So I just posted a few in here from YouTube.]

I Wonder About Her:

5-17-14-4-1 - Copy

5-17-14-5 - Copy

[Minnesota girls seem to go barefoot regardless of the temperature . . . ]

Copy of clso5-18-14-1

[May 18 . . .]

5-18-14-1 - Copy

[The supervisor does it again . . . But first, the Central Lakes Symphony Orchestra (CLSO) closed its 5th season this afternoon, at the winery. Pretty proud of their representation of our small community!  They led off today with Bedrich Smetana’s “Dance of the Comedians” from “The Bartered Bride” (1866). Yeah, I know, me neither. But now it’s my favorite song “du jour.” At intermission, they held lottery drawings for about 7 prizes – it was a packed house, at least 300 people (my guess). Well, I won some CLSO notecards! Hooray for me! But then came the big prize drawing . . . Maestro Lambrecht stirred and stirred the pot before drawing, I leaned to Ken Howell sitting next to me told him Ruthie was going to win (she always wins!). Sure enough – two season tickets for next year when they’ll all be held at the new performing arts center at the new high school! Woo-woo!]

5-18-14-2 - Copy

Dance of the Comedians:

5-18-14-3 - Copy

Copy of clso5-18-14-2

Copy of clso5-18-14-3

Copy of clso5-18-14-4

Copy of clso5-18-14-5


[My lottery won notecards!  🙂   ]

Copy of clso5-18-14-7

[And your further summer music schedule . . . ]

Copy of clso5-18-14-8

Copy of clso5-18-14-9


[Tim Fast at the winery after the  just concluded Central Lakes Symphony Orchestra Concert in the CCW Events Center (photo and posting by the supervisor).]

Tim Fast:

Tim Fast:


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