California Dreamin’ VI (Part II)

Because this is a Part II, there must have been a Part I (can’t get anything by you guys!).  So, when last we left you, we were surviving the wilds of the African plains in . . . southern California.  Oh, and I forgot to point out in Part I, though you probably already know it, there are only two mammals that cannot jump:  elephants, and – me!

1-6-14-101 - Copy

[Master of His Domain.]

1-6-14-102 - Copy

[The Master says, “Feed me!”]

1-6-14-103 - Copy

[Who you lookin’ at?]

1-6-14-104 - Copy

[OK, now we’re going to do the ole horizontal ladder trick!]

1-6-14-105 - Copy

[And away we go!]

1-6-14-106 - Copy

1-6-14-107 - Copy

1-6-14-108 - Copy

[Come to momma.]

1-6-14-110-1 - Copy

[Red birds, likely not related to cardinals.]    ]

1-6-14-112-1 - Copy

[Frogs and weeds, frogs and weeds . . .]

1-6-14-113 - Copy

[Parrots strafe the crowd.]

1-6-14-114 - Copy

1-6-14-115 - Copy

1-6-14-116 - Copy

1-6-14-117 - Copy

[That was neat!]

1-6-14-118 - Copy

[Mr. Piggy!  OK, I forgot what his “real” name was, but this guy made several cameo appearances during the bird show.]

1-6-14-119 - Copy

[Exit, stage left.]

1-6-14-120 - Copy

[Another feathered beast.]

1-6-14-121 - Copy

[Unknown variety, and the research seems daunting.]

1-6-14-122 - Copy

[The talking parrot show!  🙂  ]

1-6-14-124 - Copy

[Uh-oh, here comes a bad dude!]

1-6-14-125 - Copy

[Don’t be unafraid because of  his relatively mild sounding appellation – secretary bird.]

1-6-14-126 - Copy

[These bad boys stomp their victims (usually snakes) to death.]

1-6-14-127 - Copy

[Run for your lives!]

1-6-14-128 - Copy

[Too late, he’s got his eye on me!]

1-6-14-129 - Copy

[I put this in because I don’t know why?  See anything?]

1-6-14-130 - Copy

[I think we were waiting for these guys to come flying over the hill.]

1-6-14-131 - Copy

[Obviously some brand of guinea hen?]

1-6-14-132 - Copy


1-6-14-133 - Copy

1-6-14-135 - Copy

[There’s our guy again.  Obviously a camera “hog!”]

1-6-14-136 - Copy

[Artsy shot, I guess?]

1-6-14-137 - Copy

[Bird show’s over, what’s happenin’ at the lagoon?]

1-6-14-138 - Copy

[Reetz out on the trail, looking for more excitement.]

1-6-14-139 - Copy

[Chain-saw eagle]

1-6-14-141 - Copy

[The supervisor doesn’t quite measure up to a condor.  But then, she seldom flies.]

1-6-14-142 - Copy

[Trees . . . are they torrey pines?]

1-6-14-143 - Copy

[The Biddies enjoy a vista as we’re in search of . . . the condor!]

1-6-14-144 - Copy

[Looks promising ahead.]

1-6-14-145 - Copy

[Ooops, farther away than I thought?]

1-6-14-146 - Copy

[The national symbol.]

1-6-14-147 - Copy

[Raptor, a hawk, I guess.]

1-6-14-148 - Copy


1-6-14-149 - Copy

[The valley where we trammed.]

1-6-14-150 - Copy

[The coastal sage scrub habitat in this area is unique in the world.]

1-6-14-151 - Copy

[Yup, we don’t even have this around beautiful Lake Darling.]

1-6-14-152 - Copy

[A scenic view, so named by me.]

1-6-14-153 - Copy

[We finally made it to condor ridge.  A long slog through the groomed trails and walkways.]

1-6-14-154 - Copy

1-6-14-155 - Copy

[The supervisor shoots . . . and scores!  The next three shots are hers!  🙂   ]

ruth1-6-14-1 - Copy ruth1-6-14-2 - Copy ruth1-6-14-2-1 - Copy

[These condors are being rehabilitated.  I don’t know what crimes they perpetrated?]

1-6-14-156 - Copy

[I was here first!]

1-6-14-156-1 - Copy

[No, I was, carrion breath!]

1-6-14-157-1 - Copy

[Issues were eventually resolved.]

1-6-14-158-1 - Copy

1-6-14-159-1 - Copy

1-6-14-160 - Copy

1-6-14-161 - Copy

[Can I take one home?]

1-6-14-162 - Copy

[Leaving the condors, we pass various ungulates on the way down.]

1-6-14-163 - Copy

1-6-14-164 - Copy

[I’d recognize a bighorn sheep anywhere.]

1-6-14-165 - Copy

[Hiding behind their what-passes-for-a-tree.]

1-6-14-166 - Copy

[It’s so dry here that if you expectorate you double the normal annual precipitation.]

1-6-14-167 - Copy

[But again, a scenic view.]

1-6-14-168 - Copy

[Everything you ever wanted to know about coastal sage scrub habitat.]

1-6-14-169 - Copy

1-6-14-170 - Copy

[Without question, a cactus.]

1-6-14-171 - Copy

[Back to the owls.  Nicely camouflaged.]

1-6-14-172 - Copy

[Guessing a Harris hawk.]

1-6-14-173 - Copy

[The Biddies are excited.  We’ve found the bonsai garden.]

1-6-14-174 - Copy

[I want one, I want one!]

1-6-14-175 - Copy

[They all have name tags, so I’ll let them speak for themselves as we roll along.]

1-6-14-176 - Copy

[At least they can’t shed much in the fall.]

1-6-14-177 - Copy

1-6-14-178 - Copy

1-6-14-179 - Copy


1-6-14-180 - Copy

[So I touched the benches and sat on the trees.]

1-6-14-181 - Copy

1-6-14-182 - Copy

[What a nice day!]

1-6-14-183 - Copy

1-6-14-184 - Copy

1-6-14-185 - Copy

1-6-14-186 - Copy

1-6-14-187 - Copy

1-6-14-188 - Copy

1-6-14-189 - Copy

[As the sun began sinking slowly into the ocean . . . ]

1-6-14-190 - Copy

[We began our ambling exit from a long day at the park.]

1-6-14-191 - Copy

[There’s the door!]

1-6-14-192 - Copy

[Now where’s the main entrance?]

1-6-14-193 - Copy

[Oh, but first we had to see the new lion cubs.]

ruth1-6-14-3 - Copy

[The supervisor elbowed her way past older women and children for this closer-upper shot.]

1-6-14-194 - Copy

[We’re getting close – found one of our pigs again.]

1-6-14-195 - Copy

[And back to the big pig with the horn . . . and then we were outta there!  Escondido, vaya con dios!]

Up next:  Rushed to get this out (though still a lot of California left) – the first girls’ softball game is tonight.

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The Journey Begins Thanks for joining me! This is the follow-up to the original, “,” which overwhelmed the system’s ability to handle it any more. Thus, this is “Part 2.” As the original was initially described: 10-26-07-4 “It all began in a 5,000 watt radio station in Fresno, California” . . . wait a minute, that was Ted Baxter on the Mary Tyler Moore Show! Let’s see . . . oh yeah, it all began in 2003 when retirees, i.e., old people, in Alexandria, Minnesota, who had no desire to become snow birds, went looking for mid-winter entertainment here in the frozen tundra of West Central Minnesota. We discovered girls’ high school hockey, fell in love immediately, and it remains our favorite spectator sport to this day. Initially, and for several years, reports on these games were e-mailed to those who were actually snowbirds but wanted to keep abreast of things “back home.” It was ultimately decided a blog would be more efficient, and it evolved into a personal diary of many things that attracts tens of readers on occasion. It remains a source of personal mental therapy and has yet to elicit any lawsuits. ~ The Editor, May 9, 2014 p.s. The photo border around the blog is the Cardinal girls’ hockey team after just beating Breck for the state championship in 2008. It’s of the all-tournament team. The visible Breck player on the left is Milica McMillen, then an 8th-grader – she is now an All-American for the Gophers. The Roseau player in the stocking cap I believe is Mary Loken, who went on to play for UND; and the Cardinal player on the right, No. 3, is Abby Williams, the player we blame most for making us girls’ hockey fans who went on to play for Bemidji State. *********************************************************************************** Photos contained herein are available for personal use. All you have to do is double click on any of the photos and they will become full screen size. You can then save them into your personal “My Pictures” file. They make lovely parting or hostess gifts, or holiday gifts for such as Uncle Ernie who wants to see how his grand niece is doing on the hockey team. If any are sold for personal profit, however, to, for example, the Audubon Society, National Geographic, Sven’s Home Workshop Monthly, Curling By The Numbers, or the World Wrestling Federation, I only request that you make a donation to the charitable organization of your choice. You have two hours and fifteen minutes. Pencils ready? Begin! **********************************************************************************
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  1. JamiG4 says:

    What’s with the wires going into the Bonsai pots???

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