Lisa Lynn Tucker’d Out the Salty Dogs and Mel Lamar Trio


WARNING:  This posting contains hours and hours of music videos.  Enter at your own risk!  Performers, by order of appearance, and from left to right are: Lisa Lynn, Ryan Haug, John Trelstad, Lynn Trelstad, Annie O’Flynn, Bruce Kelly, Erik Schultz, Tom Mulder, Mary Lou Thunselle, Bill Riggs, Al Lieffort, and Mel Lamar.  Apologies to Josie Nelson, with whom we began our marathon music weekend on Friday afternoon, because “the winds,” as Mom Obert always used to call them, drove her and all the winery patrons inside which was not conducive to quality videos.  I did notice, however, that Josie had the largest selling of her CD of any performer I’ve seen out there at her first set break.  Oh, and the guy above is a noted local celebrity.


[Earlier that week, When a Man Loves a Diva was the season opener at Theatre Le Homme Dieu.  I’m not sure if these are divas, but the photographer has a more substantive appearance later in this broadcast.  This reporter and the supervisor thought the show terrific – as did many of our BFF’s.  🙂 ]


[After Josie’s afternoon performance, Lisa Lynn made her usual end-of-the-month appearance at SAWA.  This time she made a bunch of new fans from Camp Ballentine.  Lisa looked lovely in what I can only best describe as a summery, Dorothy Lamour-style dress (well, I don’t do fashion, as the supervisor will readily attest).  When she arrived, many roadies volunteered to schlepp her stuff.  Dave Berg was there because I had given him the wrong Lisa start time, but then he and I and “His Worship” were able to assist Lisa’s pre-performance hefting activities.  I can only hope we didn’t violate any union codicils.]

Lisa Lynn “I’m OK”:

The noise level made taking videos tough.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that there were enough SAWA patrons to be a distraction.  Ultimately, it meant only two videos of Lisa on this night.

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”:


[The Ballentiners were delighted they came and are now close personal friends with Ms. Lynn.  As I recall, there may even have been CD transactions.  Crazy Dave unfortunately had to remain back at Camp with a bad shoulder.  Mary, freed from his oversight, enjoys a taste of the grape here.]


[Back to work Saturday afternoon as Tucker’d Out made a trip to the winery all the way from Fargo.  I wasn’t there long, in my usual front row season-ticket seat, when a young couple asked if they hadn’t seen me at SAWA the night before.  I had to fess up they were indeed right.  Turns out they’re in the National Guard . . . in Fargo!  Well, they had never heard of Tucker’d Out, and, not surprisingly, Tucker’d Out had never heard of them – but they exchanged information.]

Tucker’d Out “The Dancer”:


[Lest you forgot since the top of the page:  Ryan Haug, John and Lynn Trelstad.]


[They have played the winery at Grape Stomp time, and made a mid-winter jaunt down here in January.  Otherwise, we don’t get an opportunity to see them much.  But I believe they are on the schedule for a couple more times this year.  And that’s good ‘cuz I love their stuff!  😉 ]

“If I Had a Boat”:

Editor’s note:  The Salty Dogs also sang this ditty later that evening at Bug-A-Boo.  I defy you to be out and about and not sing this as you window shop Broadway.


[John, is that Marquette?]


[Marquette does go good with mandolin.]

“The Flood of ’09”:


[It was a beautiful day . . . which of course meant everybody was on the lakes until later in the afternoon.  Lynn thinks, “If I had a boat!”]

“When You Come Back Down”:

6-29-13-12[There’s that local celebrity again . . .]


[Seems he just popped in for a few tics to grab some photos of fellow musicians.  Maybe he’s a scrapper?]

“Yellow-Backed Fly”:


[The supervisor was recovering from lake home syndrome.  She had overdone it with yard work – and like me, gets a little nauseous when the temperature is over 70 and the dew point over 60.  So, she stayed home to recover.  To make a long story longer, the other glass belongs to bass aficionado, Ken Howell.]


[Then I went on my version of the 7th-inning stretch . . .]


[A little meander (and whom amongst us doesn’t like a good meander?) around the stage.]

“If You Can’t Be Good Be Gone”:


[Breaking for a wedding some time around here . . .]


[There’s Ken.  He appreciated my hustle to obtain loge seating.]


[After four straight hours with the boys from Fargo, Ken made a bee-line to Bug-A-Boo Bay while I made an in transit stop to pick up the now well-rested supervisor for an evening with the Salty Dogs.  Somewhere in this process I’ve somehow been able to overcome my phobia about outdoor furniture.]

Salty Dogs “No No Song”:


[Why yes, one does overlook beautiful Lake Le Homme Dieu from there.]

“Runnin’ Scared”:


[Annie O’Flynn, Bruce Kelly, Erik Schultz, and Tom Mulder.  I think I got that right?  Anyway, Annie stepped out after Runnin’ Scared to give Tom her own little ovation – it takes a brave (or foolish?) man to take on a Roy Orbison tune!  😉 ]


[They appear to be performing here, so I’m trying to type quietly . . .]



[I know this is similar to the two previous photos, but occasionally one must take multiples in hopes of getting one good one . . .]

“Don’t Ease Me In”:


[Annie applauds Tom for finally finding the warranty on the handle for his music maker shakey thing.]


[A pontoon departs as the evening’s first mosquito is sighted.]

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”:


[Hey, Denny Lorsung!  Let me know the next time you’re in the “ballpark.”  And that concludes 7 continuous hours of music on Saturday.  😉 ]

“Galway Girl”:


Sunday brought the annual high school marching band parade down Broadway.  We had t0 miss it this year . . . as well as several other music venues that occurred over the weekend here in Vacationland USA.  Stuff (too much) happens.  But I did get back out to the winery for one brief shining moment on Sunday.  No stills,  but a couple videos of the Mel Lamar Trio.


Mel Lamar Trio “Deed I Do”:

[Mary Lou Thunselle, Bill Riggs, Al Lieffort, Mel Lamar]




[We leave you now with a parting shot of Vacationland’s Master of Ceremonies.]

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