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How many of you were aware that on a clear day you can see Mt. Osakis from Alexandria?  On August 30, we were on the 13th tee, which looks to the East (as many do concerning things of enlightenment), and lo and behold, directly behind the green you can see the snow covered mountain in the distance!  Well, maybe you had to be there?

As long as we’re at the AGC, here’s a visual update on the construction of the new No. 7.

[Dar Hentz and Al Grundei approach the 6th green, from whence one can see the construction project.]

[Just south of the 9th tee, on the practice range, is the “muck” burying site – the stuff being dug out of the bottom of the old 7th hole water hazard.  There may be golf balls in there from the 40’s!]

The kids arrived from Indiana on Saturday, the 1st, in the wee small hours of the morning.  They awoke around noon, ready for the rest of their pilgrimage to the “up north” property.  We loaded the back of the supervisor’s pick-up with more supplies, including a trundle bed we have had in the lower level since day one – but we’re happy to start downsizing.  I wanted to go to a book signing at Cherry Street Books before they left.  So I hustled into town to meet Jay Tunney, son of former heavyweight champion, Gene.  Jay has written a book about his dad and his friendship with George Bernard Shaw.  I bought his book which he graciously signed, “To Tom:  A pioneer in the forward march of the human spirit.  Good luck, Jay Tunney”  🙂  We had a brief chat for I had to run – we learned we both spent time in Okinawa, me from 1970-72.  He said he was there 20 years earlier than that!  Gee, I don’t think he looks that much older than me?

[The kids came up this time in their Smart Car.  We were looking forward to driving it around for the week they had the pick-up.  The supervisor subsequently reported the car has been a real “guy magnet” for her.  Yeah . . . 😉 ]

[And away they go!]

[They have subsequently reported the clearing of a couple hundred small trees on their property on the space they want to build their “green” house.]

[Green acres is the place to be . . .]

[Before they left, they gave me a title-appropriate birthday present.  Yes, it’s still coming (at this time).]

[Then it was on to the winery for Patchouli – their last performance in Alex this year.  😦  Photo by local groupie, Bill Hortenbach, at a previous performance.]

[Our arrival coincided with the wedding photos.  Yup, it seems (and probably are) weddings there every weekend.]

[Winery staff and big Patchouli fan!  🙂 ]

[Julie . . .]

[with the smile . . .]

[that “lights up the room.”]

[Bruce, guitarist extraordinaire and artist . . .]

[He did the label for the winery’s latest, “Aurora,” made entirely from grapes grown in the Carlos Creek vineyard.]

[Friend Judy Berger visits with Bruce between sets.]

[Grape drops keep falling on my head . . .]

[The set.  (That’s Bruce’s art on the wall.)]

[The venue.]

[On the way out, the wedding in the woods.]

Julie provides the lead in to the video, one of my faves, “Hide”:


What a gorgeous video!!!  Great job!!!!!!!!!! Love Julie’s new blouse and smiles!!!!! Thanks for the link!!!!!!!!!!!!  ~ Sue Elliot (Patchouli fan & blog contributor)

The next day we could tell summer was coming to an end.  The “fun bunch” wanted to go for a pontoon ride – they told us to be on our dock at 5:00.  Well, I hadn’t been down to the dock in two months (OK, a couple of quick trips) – there was much new to see.

[We lost a couple of lakeside trees at the end of last summer – probably as a result of the high water then.  A lot of lakeside trees died last year.  We recently had them felled into the water to provide habitat.]

[Breaks up the shoreline, too.  🙂 ]

[Dangerous Dan’s]

[The supervisor, in charge of all she surveys!]

[There goes a waterskier.]

[And here comes a waterskier.]

[The Moby wonders, “Will I ever be used again?”]

[Our lakescaping has matured and now looks good in the rip-rap (well, we think so!).]

[Cattails are a nice touch!  😉  ]

[Protecting the lake from run-off.]

[The house has since been power washed in preparation for staining.]

[The supervisor’s New England asters – the little purple things.]

[Any sign of our water taxi?]


[Over the bounding main.]

[Let the festivities begin!]

Meanwhile, the very next day . . .

[Yup, it’s your aging correspondent, making the rounds in the cute little car.  We dropped by Camp Ballantine to say goodbye to Mary and Crazy Dave who were leaving the following morning – the first of the snowbirds to leave.  They had an excuse – something about a European cruise, as if that could compare with cruising beautiful Lake Darling!]

[Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah!]

The next day, the long predicted birthday finally arrived . . .

[Roy is putting on the full court press – he wants us to come visit him in Hawaii, not that we’re averse to that!  😉  ]

[Must have been a golf day, too?  Oh yeah, it was – the boys sang Happy Birthday to Larry McCoy and me!  🙂  ]

[Check on No. 7 progress . . .]

Now the birthday?

[This was five years ago – remember the photo.]

[The attendees then . . .]

[This was Tuesday!  Why, yes, the shirt is 5 years older!]

I thought I was looking in a mirror, hee-hee. That was a fun little gathering 🙂 ~ Shelly;  Congrats on reaching another milestone.  Enjoy every day.  It must be true what they say about older people – they do not like to get rid of older clothes.   You need to update.  ~ Fitz

[The attendees.  OK, it was Shelly’s (right) birthday, too.  We grew up about three houses apart in Victoria Heights.  She is much younger than me (obviously).]

You’re looking GREAT, Tom! But, I’m confused. Are you 60 or 65? And you had a  “rainbow cake” and didn’t invite ME?!!  I’m hurt.  Happy Birthday and many, many more. ~ Linda; Happy Birthday Tom!  You look great. Hope you had a great day!  ~ Mary VK; HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU OLD @#$%! 🙂  ~ Marnee’; You’re still a puppy in my dog years.  Hope it was sweet.  ~ Doug

[I think these people were on the pontoon the previous day.]

Happy, happy. Looked for something to send you for your birthday by ordering over the internet since it was your 65th but hard to find something for someone who has everything. Did you have a good time last night? ~ Gretch; Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Tom!  ~ Carmen; Sweet!  Happy Birthday!  ~ Karen M;  You look fabulous.  I am determined to dig up some old photos, knowing how much fun it is to see our images way back when. But then I’ll have to get a scanner, etc. etc.  Anyway, Happy Birthday dear Tom!  And many, many more!  ~ Liz; More handsome!  ~ Cousin Barb;  Two cakes. You must be special! Happy birthday!!  ~ Mayo;  Spring chicken!! ~ Sue; Neither – hope you had a great day – with all that cake how could it have been bad!  ~ Sis Karen

[They were!]

and the Burl Ives impression is getting better … ~ Marcus; WHAT? No presents this year! Have you been BAD! No, the punctuation is not wrong! Hah! ~ Rita; You haven’t changed a bit. You’ll have to share the secret with the rest of us.  Hope it was happy!  ~ Anne; Happy Birthday! I had a card but I’m so zonked out on pain medication [recent surgery] I’m lucky I know my own name.  ~ The Nanner

[Nice of the “music boys” to check in on us!]

Happy Birthday Tom! Hope you had an excellent day and evening!  ~ Greg and Val  🙂 ; Happy Birthday Tom, Thank you for the invite to celebrate the Sept 4Th Birthdays.  I can’t convince Larry he should celebrate.  Enjoy the evening anyway.   ~ Laura; Here’s wishing you a fabulous birthday celebration!  Sorry to have to miss this cheer tonight. We’ll be there in spirit and will raise a glass to you!  ~ Amy

[Pontooning tomorrow?]


[Ta-ta till next time!]

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