Panama Canal (Day 14)

December 28


panama16 - Copy

[Sunrise approaching Guatemala . . . ]

12-28-17-1 - Copy

[Central America’s signature volcano ranges . . . ]

12-28-17-2 - Copy

[Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles . . . ]

12-28-17-4 - Copy12-28-17-6 - Copy

[OK, we’ve apparently aready sped by any port activities and are on the road to Antigua.  Puerto Quetzal is Guatemala’s largest Pacific Ocean port. It is important for both cargo traffic and as a stop-off point for cruise liners (Wikipedia).]

12-28-17-7 - Copy

[Speaking of volcanic peaks, I believe this one is Agua . . . ]

12-28-17-8 - Copy

[When you come to the fork in the road, take it . . . ]

12-28-17-9 - Copy

[This pair are Fuego and Acatenango – I  believe Fuego is the smoker . . . ]

20171228-2 - Copy20171228-3 - Copy

[Guatemala has 33 volcanoes, of which three are active.  The  Agua, Acatenango and Fuego volcanoes: are possibly the most photographed Volcanoes of Guatemala, these three peaks guard the wonderful colonial city of Antigua Guatemala (]

12-28-17-10 - Copy

[These volcanoes reach elevations above 12,000 feet . . . ]

12-28-17-11 - Copy12-28-17-13 - Copy

[We thought these were volcanic vents from a distance.  They were actually small fires.]

12-28-17-15 - Copy

[A peek here at the traffic – full blown bumper-to-bumper reflecting the holiday season.]

12-28-17-16 - Copy12-28-17-18 - Copy12-28-17-21 - Copy12-28-17-23 - Copy

[Why yes, I did take a photo every time I had a clear shot . . . ]

12-28-17-24 - Copy

[Meanwhile, back in traffic . . . ]

12-28-17-25 - Copy

[Oy, took forever with this truck in front.  The trip from port to Antigua takes about an hour and a half, depending on traffic (of course) . . . ]

12-28-17-26 - Copy

[Finally, an opportunity to pass.  With that monstrous load of bricks, he was going about 10 mph up the hill . . . ]

12-28-17-27 - Copy

[Poincianas or Spathodea campanulata?]

12-28-17-29 - Copy12-28-17-31 - Copy

[Ken Kesey and his Merry Band of Pranksters at a supermarket?}

12-28-17-32 - Copy

[This way to Antigua . . . ]

12-28-17-33 - Copy

[You figure it out . . . ]

12-28-17-34 - Copy

[Never pass up a volcano shot, here going through the back streets of Antigua . . . ]

12-28-17-35 - Copy

[In Antigua, looking for parking . . . ]

12-28-17-36 - Copy

[Guatemala shares with Myanmar (formerly Burma) the distinction of being one of the world’s major sources of this fine stone.  Jades S.A., now Jade Maya, made the decision to re-establish a jade carving industry in Guatemala and opened its doors in the 1970’s and remains the largest jade operation in Central and South America.  Jade Maya is a totally integrated jade company founded in 1974 by archaeologist Mary Lou Rindinger and her husband Jay Ridinger. We mine fine jadeite jade which is found mainly in Guatemala and Burma, but valued throughout the world. The source discovered and used by Jade Maya, are the same used  by the Ancient Maya people of Mesoamerica. The jade is cut and polished in our factory by native Guatemalan workers who are recovering and preserving the carving traditions of their ancestors (]

12-28-17-37 - Copy

[This is Mary Lou Rindinger . . . ]

12-28-17-38 - Copy12-28-17-39 - Copy

[The “factory” . . . ]

12-28-17-40 - Copy

[Ms. Rindinger calls this large chunk of jade her “retirement account.”  If she said it’s weight or worth, both unlikely, I don’t recall . . . ]

12-28-17-41 - Copy12-28-17-42 - Copy

[Convento de Santa Clara . . . ]

12-28-17-43 - Copy12-28-17-44 - Copy

[Cathedral of San Jose . . . ]

12-28-17-45 - Copy

[Preparing to march on Antigua’s Plaza Central Park . . . ]

12-28-17-46 - Copy

[Antigua is a city in the central highlands famous for its well-preserved Spanish Baroque-influenced architecture as well as a number of ruins of colonial churches. It served as the capital of the Kingdom of Guatemala. It has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  At the time of the 2007 census, the city had 34,685 inhabitants (Wikipedia).]

12-28-17-47 - Copy12-28-17-48 - Copy

[The college courtyard – we were subsequently hustled out of here . . . ]

12-28-17-49 - Copy12-28-17-50 - Copy

[Back to the plaza where “the joint is jumping.”]

12-28-17-51 - Copy

[It’s a major tourist attraction which attracts the local vendors . . . ]

12-28-17-52 - Copy

[I think it rather amazing that I have two high school classmates who go to Guatemala annually on separate missions . . . ]

12-28-17-53 - Copy12-28-17-54 - Copy

[Remember, never pass up a volcano shot . . . ]

12-28-17-55 - Copy

12-28-17-56 - Copy

[Transactions are taking place . . . ]

12-28-17-57 - Copy

[I am at a loss to explain how this photo fits here?  Stuff happens?]

12-28-17-58 - Copy

[Meanwhile, back at the plaza, the vendors have their eyes on the Super . . . ]

12-28-17-59 - Copy

[And they got her!!]

12-28-17-60 - Copy

[The plaza where the following are located . . . ]

20171228-6 - Copy

[Birds of Paradise . . . ]

20171228-7 - Copy20171228-7-1 - Copy

[We made a special stop here, identified in the 4th photo down.      ]

12-28-17-61 - Copy12-28-17-62 - Copy12-28-17-63 - Copy

[The Chapel of San Jose el Viejo, a school is situated next to the ruins of the chapel of San Jose el Viejo (3 blocks away from the Central Plaza of Antigua).  The school building, used to be part of the church.  Around 1736 a modest chapel was begun in the Tortuguero District of Antigua.  It was intended to house the splendid statue of Saint Joseph, which was the work of the great sculptor Alonso de la Paz.  The little hermitage became the house of worship of the needy people of this populous district (]

12-28-17-64 - Copy

[Back on the ship, it somehow seemed appropriate that we had a “volcano” for dessert.]

20171228-8 - Copy

Cars will soon have the Internet on the dashboard. I worry that this will distract me from my texting.  ~  Andy Borowitz

Uo Next: 1,000!!!!!

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