Mini-University (Days 7 & 8)

June 15

Bloomington & Nashville

[Walking through the Tree Suite classroom area, likely on my way to Dogwood, and we find an outdoor courtyard.  It appears to be a nice place to contemplate one’s navel.]

6-15-17-1 - Copy

[We have finished the day classes.  The Super and I each took The Origins of the CIA – Nick Cullather.  Of interest, the CIA and I both “began” in 1947, and the CIA mainly recruits accountants and librarians (it’s all about organizing information).  Then we (with Reetz, I think) took Geology, Theology, and Foreign Policy: Global Issues at the Intersection of Science, Religion, and Foreign Affairs – Michael Hamburger.  He was terrific, mostly talking about his last two years with the State Department as part of an elite group of scientists working on . . . well, the title of the course.  Since the work involved science, they were disbanded after the last election.  And for the last afternoon class, we both took Race, Caste, and Status: Discrimination in the 21st Century in a Global Context – Patrick O’Meara.  Professor O’Meara came to the U.S. from South Africa in 1970, and his discussion ranged from apartheid to Black Lives Matter.  Interesting statistic: 1/6 of all people on Earth are Indian, and 1/6 of Indians are “untouchables.”  Then it was on to a faculty salute in President’s Hall, i.e., more wining and dining.]

6-15-17-2 - Copy

6-15-17-3 - Copy

[Then Rita and I walked back across campus to return to Nashville – the Super had already gone back with Scott to meet up with her son, Rob, who was coming in for the evening from Dayton, Ohio.]

6-15-17-4 - Copy

6-15-17-5 - Copy

[VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR! With all sworn to secrecy by Rita’s son David, I was to drive her back to Nashville between the last afternoon class and the evening class on Thursday of Mini-University in Bloomington so she could participate in the Brown County Community Foundation’s annual awards ceremony. She did not know she had been named Volunteer of the Year – we pulled it off, she was totally surprised! Congratulations Reetz!!]

6-15-17-6 - Copy

6-15-17-7 - Copy

6-15-17-8 - Copy

6-15-17-9 - Copy

6-15-17-10 - Copy

6-15-17-11 - Copy

[And here’s Rob, he and the Super and Rita’s son David went out to dinner together . . . ]

20170615_184504 - Copy

20170615_184512 - Copy

[While Reetz and I hightailed it back to Bloomington for our evening class – we were about a half hour late . . . ]

6-15-17-12 - Copy

6-15-17-14 - Copy

6-15-17-14-1 - Copy

[It was Evolution of Piano and Vocal Styles in Jazz – Tom Hustad with Rachel Caswell & Monika Herzig.  Rachel is the singer, and adjunct lecturer in music; and Monika is the pianist, past lecturer, and now part of SPEA’s Arts Management program.  Enjoyable evening of live music with classic videos of greats from the past.]

6-15-17-15 - Copy

6-15-17-16 - Copy

[And now heading back to Nashville, again.]

6-15-17-17 - Copy

June 16

The Last Day of School

[Drove by this street sign all week – had to get the photo on the last day.  It was about halfway between Nashville and Bloomington.]

6-16-17-2 - Copy

[Final morning arrival at the Union.]

6-16-17-3 - Copy

[Just one class the last day.  Mine was this one Building a Better HAL 9000: Algorithms, the Market, and the Need to Prevent the Further Engraining of Bias – Angie Raymond.  The professor was a delightful bundle of energy, but the subject matter was way above my head.  Basically, we learned the “market” has us all under constant surveillance.  I finally asked, I have never had a cell or smart phone – will I be deported?

6-16-17-4 - Copy

6-16-17-5 - Copy

[After the last class of Mini-University, The Biddies and I went on an art tour of the campus. Do you recognize a major theme?]

6-16-17-6 - Copy

6-16-17-6-1 - Copy

[By order of the Super, a small colony of rabbits appeared to have a warren in the Union’s traffic circle.]

6-16-17-8 - Copy

[Our last venture to the parking lot.]

6-16-17-9 - Copy

[And our self-guided tour began at the Lilly Library . . . ]

6-16-17-10 - Copy

6-16-17-12 - Copy

[A bust of Bobby Knight . . . or was it Donald Trump?]

6-16-17-13 - Copy

[Ooops, nevermind.  It was of the John A. Macdonald of the United States.]

6-16-17-14 - Copy

6-16-17-15 - Copy

6-16-17-16 - Copy

6-16-17-17 - Copy

6-16-17-17-1 - Copy

6-16-17-18 - Copy

[Back outside at the Showalter Fountain.  Over the years, I have taken many photos of this fountain.  I have no idea why?]

6-16-17-19-1 - Copy

6-16-17-20 - Copy

6-16-17-21 - Copy

6-16-17-22 - Copy

[IU Auditorium]

6-16-17-23 - Copy

[Grunwald Gallery of Art]

6-16-17-24 - Copy

[And now for all the stuff inside the gallery . . . ]

6-16-17-25 - Copy

[Art . . . always on the cutting edge . . . ]

6-16-17-26 - Copy

6-16-17-27 - Copy

6-16-17-29 - Copy

[There’s the Showalter Fountain again.]

6-16-17-30 - Copy

[The Super’s photos of hers and Reetz’s day, and her descriptions of each.  They took Hope and Glory and Beyond: The John Boorman Collection at the Lilly Library – Craig Simpson (Lilly Library Manuscripts Archivist).

Boorman, an English filmmaker who is best known for his feature films such as Point Blank, Hell in the Pacific, Deliverance, Zardoz, Excalibur, The Emerald Forest, Hope and Glory, The General, The Tailor of Panama, and Queen and Country has directed 22 films and received 5 Academy Award nominations (Wikipedia).  His collection of papers, artifacts, and reel-to-reel films—recently acquired by the Lilly Library—spans the years 1940-2014 and contains over 150 cubic feet of materials from his life and work. Correspondence, photographs, screenplays, sketches and storyboards, publicity materials, and memorabilia from all of his directed films, as well as several unmade projects, form the bulk of the archive (IU website).]

20170616_101029 - Copy

[The Biddies had to don white gloves to hold his Golden Globe and Cannes Best Director Awards.]

20170616_101141 - Copy

20170616_101210 - Copy

[Gold Record for Dueling Banjos from the film Deliverance.]

20170616_101229 - Copy

[Morgana’s (Helen Mirren) Breastplate from the film Excalibur.]

20170616_101248 - Copy

20170616_101324 - Copy

[A Brutal Exterminator mask casting from John Boorman’s Zardoz.] 

20170616_101403 - Copy

[Shoes worn by Lee Marvin in Point Blank.  Lee also starred in Boorman’s Hell in the Pacific.  They remained close drinking buddies until Lee’s death in 1987.]

20170616_101439 - Copy

20170616_101517 - Copy

20170616_101526 - Copy

[The Super wrapping up the day with the following three . . . ]

20170616_102447 - Copy

[And the grand finale, a coffee and continental breakfast in the Solarium.]

20170616_110033 - Copy

20170616_110100 - Copy

Learning never exhausts the mind.  ~  Leonardo da Vinci  (Although it my case it comes close.  ~  Me)

Up Next:  Heading home

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