Oh, Canada! (Day 6)

May 9


What I did not know about Charlottetown before arrival, oh let me count the ways!  (See the quote at the end of the post.)  I did not know Charlottetown was the birthplace of Canada, 150 years ago; the home of Anne of Green Gables; and the home of Cows Ice Cream?

Prior to this trip I had only been in three of Canada’s ten provinces – Manitoba, Ontario, and British Columbia; and one of its three territories – Yukon.  I would pick up Quebec, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia, though still missing Newfoundland and New Brunswick in the Maritimes.





[Awakening to our towel elephant . . . ]

5-9-17-1 - Copy

[And then the beautiful entry into Chartlottetown.  We would finally have a nice day!]

5-9-17-2 - Copy

5-9-17-3 - Copy

5-9-17-4 - Copy

[And the Super chimed in here.]

20170509_061714 - Copy

5-9-17-5 - Copy

5-9-17-6 - Copy

5-9-17-7 - Copy

[I believe bucolic applies all through here.]

5-9-17-8 - Copy

5-9-17-9 - Copy

[The site of the Charlottetown Conference in 1864, the first gathering of Canadian and Maritime statesmen to debate the proposed Maritime Union and the more persuasive British North American Union, now known as Canadian Conferation. From this, the city adopted as its motto “Cunabula Foederis” – “Birthplace of Confederation”.  (Wikipedia)]

5-9-17-10 - Copy

[The population of Charlottetown in the 2011 census was 34,562; this forms the centre of a census agglomeration of 64,487, which is slightly less than half of the province’s population (140,204).  (Wikipedia)]


[And yes, Anne.  I wanted to bring her home with me.  The Biddies nixed the idea.]

5-9-17-12-1 - Copy - Copy

[Cuteness cubed]

5-9-17-14 - Copy - Copy

[“Free wireless internet” – the sign of the times!]

5-9-17-15 - Copy - Copy

[It’s spotted, it’s a seal; ergo it’s . . . likely a harbor seal.  Spotted seals are arctic creatures.]

5-9-17-16 - Copy - Copy

[It’s going to be a lovely day for a lot of walking.]

5-9-17-17 - Copy - Copy

5-9-17-18 - Copy - Copy

5-9-17-18-1 - Copy - Copy

[It’s a big boat, but we were glad it was in those 4-meter swells.]

5-9-17-19 - Copy - Copy

[I stood around waiting for a free hug, but nobody came?]

5-9-17-20 - Copy - Copy

[SPUD radio, for all the folks in Moorhead?]

5-9-17-21 - Copy

[Biddies meet a bird . . . a really big bird.]

5-9-17-22 - Copy

[Now when it comes to rating signs, this one’s got to be right up there!]

5-9-17-23 - Copy

[Hooked a whopper on the street . . . ]

5-9-17-24 - Copy

[Appears to be a bluefin tuna . . . ]

5-9-17-25 - Copy

[Reetz is excited, as thoughts of tuna noodle casserole dance in her head.]

5-9-17-26 - Copy

5-9-17-27 - Copy

[“Before I die” . . . I want to be dining on sour dough toast.]

5-9-17-29 - Copy

5-9-17-30 - Copy

[I released the fish.]

5-9-17-32 - Copy

[Ahhh, my kind of street – looks like a selection of outdoor fine dining.]

5-9-17-33 - Copy

[Now back to Ms. Green Gables.  It seems Reetz, with her daughter Beth as a youngster, were major afficiandos of this story.]

5-9-17-35 - Copy

[I guess the musical runs here . . .  non-stop?]

5-9-17-36 - Copy

[Now this was a highlight for me.  Another “I did not know” item.  According to well-placed local sources, Sir John A. Macdonald is to Canada what Abraham Lincoln is to us. He was Canada’s first prime minister, and just an all-around remarkable person and bon vivant . . . ]

5-9-17-37 - Copy

[The Super found him an interesting guy to talk to, though he didn’t say much . . . ]

5-9-17-38 - Copy

[So let’s see what else we can find out about this place.]

5-9-17-39 - Copy

[As with so many places we visit these days, antiquity is undergoing renovation. Province House is where the PEI Legislature, known as the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island, has met since 1847.  It is Canada’s second-oldest seat of government.  (Wikipedia)]

5-9-17-40 - Copy

[There must be an open door around here some place?]

5-9-17-41 - Copy

5-9-17-42 - Copy

[Hey, Moose!  ~  Boris Badenov]

5-9-17-43 - Copy

[In the Confederation Centre of the Arts, Reetz finds cool stuff about Anne of Green Gables . . . ]

5-9-17-44 - Copy

5-9-17-45 - Copy

[So I tried to get some good shots she could share with Beth.]

5-9-17-46 - Copy

[This Japanese fascination with Anne of Green Gables was interesting.]

5-9-17-47 - Copy

5-9-17-48 - Copy

5-9-17-49 - Copy

[Now this looks like my Happy Place!    Cows is an ice cream manufacturer and chain of ice cream parlors based in Charlottetown. Cows was founded in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island in 1983, and has since expanded into cheddar cheese, and cow-themed merchandise. Cows was named “Canada’s best ice cream” in a survey of readers of Reader’s Digest and named the world’s top place to get ice cream by Tauck World Discovery.  (Wikipedia)]

5-9-17-50 - Copy

[Cows is #1!!]

5-9-17-51 - Copy

[No argument from The Biddies!]

5-9-17-52 - Copy

5-9-17-53 - Copy

[As I recall, a member of our companion crew was on this ride.]

5-9-17-54 - Copy

[It’s a literate place . . . ]

5-9-17-55 - Copy

5-9-17-56 - Copy

[Kinda downtown Charlottetown.]

5-9-17-57 - Copy

[The magnolias were in bloom . . . ]

5-9-17-58 - Copy

5-9-17-59 - Copy

[A nice walk down to Beaconsfield Historic House (more below) on the harbor . . . ]

5-9-17-60 - Copy

[But first a quick visit to Government House . . . ]

5-9-17-61 - Copy

[Government House serves as the home of the Lieutenant Governor and spouse and has the offices of the administrative staff required to support the official duties and activities associated with the Vice Regal function.  (gov.pe.ca)]

5-9-17-62 - Copy

5-9-17-63 - Copy

[Charlottetown Harbor]

5-9-17-64 - Copy

[Government House]

5-9-17-65 - Copy

[And back to Beaconsfield House . . . ]

5-9-17-66 - Copy

5-9-17-67 - Copy

5-9-17-68 - Copy

[Walking around the harbor, looking back at Government House.]

5-9-17-69 - Copy

[Nice to have them all in one building – saves on travel and per diem expenses.]

5-9-17-70 - Copy

[Who’s Scott?]

5-9-17-71 - Copy

[A nice long walk finishing back at the ship . . . ]

5-9-17-72 - Copy

[OMG, a giant lutefisk washed up on shore?]

5-9-17-74 - Copy

[Bidding adieu to Charlottetown.  We enjoyed our visit.]

5-9-17-76 - Copy

[And a last minute check of socia media before re-boarding the ship.]

20170509_105812 - Copy

20170509_111424 - Copy

[From Veendam as we diesel away . . . ]

5-9-17-79 - Copy

[And goodnight from a towel bunny.  The Super loves her critters.]

5-9-17-81 - Copy

Canadians have an abiding interest in surprising those Americans who have historically made little effort to learn about their neighbour to the North.  ~  Peter Jennings

Up Next:  Canada . . .

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5 Responses to Oh, Canada! (Day 6)

  1. G. says:

    I loved the original “Anne of Green Gables” with Collen Dewhurst. Thanks for sharing Prince Edward Island with us.

  2. Rita Simon says:

    Tom: Great shots of a clear day in Charlottetown! I had visited the Green Gables home on an earlier visit, and we decided not to spend a long bus ride to the site. But I do love Anne! My kind of gal! Rita

  3. The girl playing Anne in your photos IS adorable. She almost looks like a mannequin – please tell me she’s not!

  4. Helen and John says:

    I ❤️Canada! These pics showcase it well! Annnne of Green Gables – the best!

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