Lands Down Under (Day 17(II))

January 27


[Continuing the same day . . . ]

tauranga4 - Copy

tauranga5 - Copy


tauranga6 - Copy

[Finally, the Maori experience . . . ]

1-27-17-63 - Copy

[Whakarewarewa, The Living Maori Village]

1-27-17-64 - Copy

[And it’s thermal, to boot!]

1-27-17-65 - Copy

[Acknowledging famous women guides:  During the mid-19th century tourists began visiting the geothermal wonders in and around Rotorua.  As tourism developed in the area, guiding became a formalised profession for local Māori guides.  Several Maori guides became international personalities in their own right, guiding international visitors through geothermal attractions with humour, charm and navigating deftly between English and Maori languages and culture.  Today, a guiding tradition that began over 200 years ago remains strong thanks to the excellent work of guides (both past and present) of Whakarewarewa, The Living Māori Village  (“Meet the People The Famous Guides of Whakarewarewa, The Living Māori Village”).]

1-27-17-66 - Copy

[Crossing the bridge into the village, kids dive for coins tossed to them by the tourists.  We were advised this was not mandatory – but how could you not?]

1-27-17-67 - Copy

1-27-17-67-1 - Copy

1-27-17-69 - Copy

[I have no idea how deep the water is or if the kids recover all the coins.]

1-27-17-69-1 - Copy

[A thermal hotspot]

1-27-17-70 - Copy

[Camera-ready tourists . . . or waiting for a Sean Spicer press briefing?]

1-27-17-71 - Copy

[Thermal “crockpot”?  Put your food in in the morning, ready to eat at night.]

1-27-17-72 - Copy

[Might be a tad toasty for a bath.]

1-27-17-73 - Copy

[Plenty o’ sulphur in the neighborhood.  Stinks a bit, too.]

1-27-17-74 - Copy

1-27-17-75 - Copy

[The crowd on the bridge readying for . . . ]

1-27-17-76 - Copy

[A blast from “Ole Faithful”?]

1-27-17-77 - Copy

[Yup, New Zealand’s version of Yellowstone.]

1-27-17-80 - Copy

[And here are the thermal baths.  Our guide said she partakes in the evening . . . ]

1-27-17-81 - Copy

[The coin divers come up from the river to warm up.  There’s a pocket gopher effect on their cheeks because it’s where they store their coins.]

1-27-17-82 - Copy

[“No ba hing,” a Maori phrase?]

1-27-17-83 - Copy

1-27-17-84 - Copy

[Our enthusiastic guide, whose name I can’t remember.]

1-27-17-85 - Copy

[Korotiotio means grumpy man and is the most volatile spring gushing super-heated water that explodes from the ground (YouTube).]

1-27-17-86 - Copy

[A hot day exacerbated by hot water.]

1-27-17-87 - Copy

[And this explains the next several pictures . . . ]

1-27-17-88 - Copy

1-27-17-89 - Copy

1-27-17-90 - Copy

1-27-17-91 - Copy

1-27-17-92 - Copy

1-27-17-93 - Copy

1-27-17-94 - Copy

1-27-17-95 - Copy

[And now it’s time for . . .  theater!]

1-27-17-96 - Copy

[A tourist attempting the Maori “scare the enemy” expression . . . ]

1-27-17-97 - Copy

[Attractive red hair . . . ]

1-27-17-98 - Copy

[But this was the shot I was attempting to get.]

1-27-17-99 - Copy

[And now the entire cast . . . ]

1-27-17-101 - Copy

[Full of energy and fun!]

1-27-17-102 - Copy

[Ooops, the red hair grabbed the autofocus again.]

1-27-17-103 - Copy

[Here we go!]

1-27-17-104 - Copy

[We were taught the chant and the dance on board ship – I could have handled it!]

1-27-17-106 - Copy

[The Super just had to have this photo!]

1-27-17-107 - Copy

1-27-17-107-1 - Copy

1-27-17-109 - Copy

[And the photographer with the Super’s tablet.  I saw her again not 5 minutes after the show already back “in town” in denim shorts and a tee shirt, just like teens everywhere.]

1-27-17-110 - Copy

[Kathy and Bert join the apres show fun.]

1-27-17-111 - Copy

[How many knew Bert (far right) is also a famous barbershop quartet guy?]

bert gross

1-27-17-112 - Copy

[And the Super’s favorite guy on guitar.]

1-27-17-113 - Copy

[After the Maori village . . . ]

1-27-17-114 - Copy

[To here, Government Gardens.]

1-27-17-115 - Copy

1-27-17-116 - Copy

[The Rotorua Museum, the old Bath House building, in the Gardens near Lake Rotorua.]

1-27-17-117 - Copy

[Probably not Knute Nelson.]

1-27-17-118 - Copy

[Bath houses and spas abound.]

1-27-17-119 - Copy

1-27-17-120 - Copy

[Looks like Mono Lake in California.]

1-27-17-121 - Copy

[Another tree farm area.]

1-27-17-122 - Copy

[Coming up to a kiwifruit farm.  The guide could not tell me what kind of trees these are, but what a great wind break they make.]

1-27-17-123 - Copy

[And here we are.  The kiwi is not native to New Zealand, it’s a Chinese gooseberry.  Once again the blog attempts to educate and entertain.  “Attempts” being the key word here.]

1-27-17-124 - Copy

[There are also golden (here) and red kiwifruits – have they made it to the U.S. yet?]

1-27-17-125 - Copy

1-27-17-126 - Copy

1-27-17-127 - Copy

1-27-17-128 - Copy

1-27-17-129 - Copy

[Back to port but still with some time on our hands.]

1-27-17-132 - Copy

[So, let’s go to town for a “cool” one . . . ]

1-27-17-133 - Copy

[And, of course of most import, catching up on social media.]

1-27-17-134 - Copy

[A music event with picnicking on the walk back . . . ]

1-27-17-135 - Copy

[Or I think that’s what it was.]

1-27-17-136 - Copy

1-27-17-137 - Copy

[Back to the ship, and hoki mai (come back).]

1-27-17-138 - Copy

1-27-17-139 - Copy

[I think I remember him?]

1-27-17-140 - Copy

[Reetz excited to finally see a kiwi . . . no, not the fruit.]

1-27-17-141 - Copy

[Hoki mai, Tauranga.]

1-27-17-142 - Copy

[And the sun sinks slowly in the west.]

1-27-17-143 - Copy

[Yes, to the west, on both sides of the equator.]

1-27-17-144 - Copy

And now for the Super’s take on the Maori village

20170127_125701 - Copy

[See how much of this you remember from the top half of the post.]

20170127_125931 - Copy

[Our guide enthralls the mass assemblage.]

20170127_130001 - Copy

[She was fun because she had fun.]

20170127_130106 - Copy

20170127_130117 - Copy

[Maybe one day she’ll make the guide hall of fame?]

20170127_130240 - Copy

[Diving for college!]

20170127_131055 - Copy

20170127_131319 - Copy

[Don’t you all wish you’d brought an umbrella?]

20170127_131334 - Copy

[The “crockpot”]

20170127_131447 - Copy

20170127_131503 - Copy

[Parekohuru means murderous ripples.]

20170127_131536 - Copy

[Nothin’ spells lovin’ like somethin’ from the oven.]

20170127_131613 - Copy

20170127_132140 - Copy

20170127_132409 - Copy

[Reetz enjoying the show.]

20170127_132440 - Copy

20170127_132627 - Copy

[Dual coverage]

20170127_132703 - Copy

[Cheeks full of money.]

20170127_133052 - Copy

20170127_133619 - Copy

[I never thought I’d be in a Maori village?]

20170127_134320 - Copy

[Let’s go to that cafe behind me!]

20170127_134450 - Copy

[I’m so happy I could just grin!]

20170127_135425 - Copy

[Ladies and gentlemen, it’s show time!]

20170127_135620 - Copy

[Cameras ready!  Begin!]

20170127_140555 - Copy

[They encourage photo and video taking – free advertising!]

20170127_142943 - Copy

20170127_143050-1 - Copy

[Our guide gives an explanation of why kiwis are grown this way.  Since we likely can’t grown them in Minnesota, I’ve forgotten.]

20170127_154925 - Copy

[As I recall, male plants are grown on one side, female plants on the other.  One male plant can pollinate 8 female plants, so it’s a polygamous arrangement.  However, my recollection could be wrong.]

20170127_155240 - Copy

[Woof, woof!]

20170127_161601 - Copy

Altogether too many sheep.  ~  George Bernard Shaw, regarding New Zealand

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  1. Helen and John says:

    Beautiful! It must be a fascinating place!

  2. G, says:

    Thanks for sharing. Beautiful photos!!

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