Lands Down Under (Day 16(II))

January 26


[Things an inquiring mind would want to know about Napier, from Plant & Food Research:  Hawke’s Bay is famous for its Art Deco architecture in both Hastings and Napier, with Napier being known as the Art Deco capital of the world. An Art Deco weekend is held annually in Napier and Art Deco aficionados come from overseas especially to take part.  The Hawke’s Bay is a lively region with many entertainment events being held. The Hawke’s Bay region is also well known on the world stage for its award winning wines.  The Hawke’s Bay has a dry and temperate climate with long hot summers and cool winters, perfect for growing grapes.  There are many excellent wineries in the area with attached restaurants where you can sit in the sun and enjoy a wine with your meal.]

1-26-17-53 - Copy

1-26-17-54 - Copy

[Everything reeks Art Deco . . . cool!]

1-26-17-55 - Copy


1-26-17-56 - Copy

[A classic building]

1-26-17-57 - Copy

[It’s only fitting that Hooters would lead Art Deco tours.]

1-26-17-58 - Copy

[The National Tobacco Building is not in use.  Earthquake damage – and it has been deemed too expensive to bring it up to code.]

1-26-17-59 - Copy

1-26-17-59-1 - Copy

[Did someone mention Art Deco?  This is a neighborhood street and all houses must meet Deco-ish standards.]

1-26-17-60 - Copy

1-26-17-60-1 - Copy

1-26-17-61 - Copy

[We need more of these!!]

1-26-17-62 - Copy

[There’s a garden down there . . . ]

1-26-17-63 - Copy

[A city garden . . . ]

1-26-17-64 - Copy

[Named Centennial . . . ]

1-26-17-65 - Copy

1-26-17-65-1 - Copy

[What better pairing with a city garden?]

1-26-17-66 - Copy

1-26-17-66-1 - Copy

[Our driver said we were so special he took us to this place not visited by other tour buses.  A little known small street with this overlook view of the city.]

1-26-17-67 - Copy

[Yeah, I know – you could live here.]

1-26-17-68 - Copy

[The Biddies liked this place.]

1-26-17-69 - Copy

[The world-famous Napier blood red hydrangea . . . ]

1-26-17-70 - Copy

1-26-17-70-1 - Copy

[Either an American consulate or the home of a rich American?]

1-26-17-71 - Copy

[Where we were for the overlook.  The blood red hydrangeas were just to Bill’s left.]

1-26-17-72 - Copy

[Happy New Year!!!]

1-26-17-73 - Copy

[Gotta love it.]

1-26-17-74 - Copy

[A Wave in Time is made up of two bronze sculptures, located in Napier’s city centre on Emerson Street.  Both pieces of artwork were created by Mark Whyte of Lyttleton commissioned by the Napier City Council []

1-26-17-76 - Copy

[Emerson Street]

1-26-17-77 - Copy

[Reetz with Stella and Raven]

1-26-17-78 - Copy

[I can’t remember if she did – how could she not?]

1-26-17-79-1 - Copy

[But then she joined Stella and Raven.]

1-26-17-80 - Copy

[Happy New Year!!!]

1-26-17-81 - Copy

[Walking back to Marine Parade to catch our bus back to the ship.]

1-26-17-82 - Copy

1-26-17-83 - Copy

[The Six Sisters, as identified in the following photo below . . . ]

1-26-17-85 - Copy

[All identical buildings.]

1-26-17-86 - Copy

[Bidding adieu (three times) to Millenium Sculpture . . . ]

1-26-17-87 - Copy

1-26-17-88 - Copy

1-26-17-89 - Copy

[Back to the port, and looking for the Great Gatsby . . . ]

1-26-17-90 - Copy

[“Great” wasn’t there, but a lot of his relatives were . . . ]

1-26-17-91 - Copy

1-26-17-92 - Copy

[Paying heed to the sign, the Super dons a chapeau.]

1-26-17-93 - Copy

[Good-bye, Napier!]

1-26-17-94 - Copy

[And finally, certainly in the running for the best photos on the trip.]

1-26-17-95 - Copy

1-26-17-96 - Copy

[And now for the Super’s contributions . . . ]

20170126_120418 - Copy

20170126_120418-1 - Copy

20170126_120445-1 - Copy

20170126_120716-1 - Copy

[The Gold of the Kowhai]

20170126_120913 - Copy

[Marine Parade, a/k/a, the beach drive . . . ]

20170126_120920 - Copy

[From the internet, don’t know how we missed it.  Pania of the Reef is located somewhere around here, on Marine Parade (the street sign above).]

pania of the reef

[And the overlook . . . ]

20170126_122613 - Copy

20170126_122653 - Copy

20170126_122731 - Copy

[Reetz found Al and Mrs. Capone . . . ]

20170126_132221 - Copy

[And other relatives . . . ]

20170126_132252 - Copy

20170126_132326 - Copy

[So we left with a little Dixieland.]

20170126_132330 - Copy

He’s the sort of [rugby] player whose brain doesn’t always know where his legs are carrying him.  ~ Nick Farr-Jones

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  1. Helen and John says:

    I especially like the Art Deco work. It reminds me of a delightful time I never knew. 😊🎶🌹

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