Hawaii (Part VIII)

December 1

We have crossed a new month threshold and on this day would take a field trip to the northern tip of the Big Island.  Our garage door guardian was still holding fort – he/she kinda looks like a broach?

12-1-15-1-1 - Copy

12-1-15-2 - Copy

12-1-15-3 - Copy

[First stop along Highway 19, a lava tube, as I recall just past the airport? They appear to be performing a drill – in case older Minnesotans come by and fall in.]

12-1-15-4 - Copy

12-1-15-5 - Copy

12-1-15-6 - Copy

[Well, I have a butt thing . . . ]

12-1-15-7 - Copy

[Heading to the north end, past Mauna Kea.]

12-1-15-8 - Copy

12-1-15-9 - Copy

12-1-15-10 - Copy

[And some lava fields . . . ]

12-1-15-11 - Copy

12-1-15-12 - Copy

12-1-15-13 - Copy

12-1-15-14 - Copy

12-1-15-15 - Copy

12-1-15-16 - Copy

[And our first sighting of Maui . . . yup, from the Big Island.]

12-1-15-17 - Copy

12-1-15-18 - Copy

12-1-15-19 - Copy

12-1-15-20 - Copy

[Then a neat little state park.]

12-1-15-22 - Copy

12-1-15-23 - Copy

12-1-15-24 - Copy

12-1-15-25 - Copy

12-1-15-26 - Copy

12-1-15-27 - Copy

12-1-15-28 - Copy

12-1-15-29 - Copy

[The Super enjoying the scenery . . . and with Roy.]

12-1-15-30 - Copy

12-1-15-31 - Copy

12-1-15-32 - Copy

12-1-15-33 - Copy

[Spying on Maui.]

12-1-15-34 - Copy

12-1-15-35 - Copy

12-1-15-36 - Copy

12-1-15-37 - Copy

12-1-15-39 - Copy

12-1-15-40 - Copy

[After we bid adieu . . . er, aloha . . . to the state park, we arrived at the northern most habited place on the Island – Hawi.]

12-1-15-42 - Copy

12-1-15-42-1 - Copy

12-1-15-43 - Copy

[Again, the jumble of wires mindful of South Asia.]

12-1-15-44 - Copy

[Where we dined . . . ]

12-1-15-45 - Copy

12-1-15-46 - Copy

[So, I had just finished a chat with Fidel, and someone snuck up behind me. We always laugh about Alexandrians running into other Alexandrians all over the planet. We were on the very north end of the island of Hawaii, at the small village of Hawi, and had just finished lunch. Kay (Wasson, Alex class of ’64) and Randy Sukovich said they noticed us there. They’ve been staying for a week or two on the north end of the Big Island for about 5 years now. We each had no idea the others were here. In Alex, we live on the SW side of Lake Darling, the Sukoviches live on the NE side of the same lake, and we’re all members of the golf club – I’m not sure if we saw each other in Alex all summer? Uffda!]

12-1-15-49 - Copy

12-1-15-51 - Copy

12-1-15-52 - Copy

[Big banyans in the city park . . . and I always wondered where Sonny went after the Fireside Steakhouse?]

12-1-15-55 - Copy

12-1-15-57 - Copy

[Pololu Valley Lookout – the end of the road!]

12-1-15-60 - Copy

12-1-15-61 - Copy

12-1-15-62 - Copy

12-1-15-63 - Copy

12-1-15-65 - Copy

12-1-15-66 - Copy

12-1-15-67 - Copy

12-1-15-68 - Copy

12-1-15-69 - Copy

12-1-15-70 - Copy

12-1-15-71 - Copy

20151201_124139 - Copy

[Coconuts!  I understand the old Marx Brothers movie was recently reprised at the Guthrie.  😉  ]

12-1-15-72 - Copy

12-1-15-73 - Copy

[What I said!]

12-1-15-74 - Copy

12-1-15-75 - Copy

12-1-15-76 - Copy

[Heading home, we found King Kamehameha . . . and the Super found shopping!]

12-1-15-77 - Copy

12-1-15-78 - Copy

12-1-15-78-1 - Copy

12-1-15-79 - Copy

12-1-15-80 - Copy

12-1-15-81 - Copy

[Then we took the high road home, at altitude it is as Roy says somewhat akin to Austria or Switzerland.]

12-1-15-82 - Copy

12-1-15-83 - Copy

12-1-15-84 - Copy

12-1-15-85 - Copy

[Our first sighting of “home” from on high.]

12-1-15-86 - Copy

12-1-15-87 - Copy

12-1-15-88 - Copy

[“The hills are alive . . . with the South of Music.”]

12-1-15-89 - Copy

12-1-15-90 - Copy

[Mauna Kea, again.]

12-1-15-91 - Copy

12-1-15-94 - Copy

[I believe these small green craters are called small green craters.]

12-1-15-96 - Copy

[Yes, it is the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B!]

12-1-15-98 - Copy

[Back in Roy’s backyard, more sunsets . . . ]

12-1-15-99 - Copy

12-1-15-100 - Copy

12-1-15-101 - Copy

12-1-15-102 - Copy

12-1-15-103 - Copy

You want to know what it’s like to be on a plane for 22 hours? Sit in a chair, squeeze your head as hard as you can, don’t stop, then take a paper bag and put it over your mouth and nose and breath your own air over and over and over.  ~  Lewis Black

Up next:  Hawaii, but not much more.

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