CARDINALS Tweak Cardinals, 3 – 1

volleyball seniors '15 - Copy volleyball seniors '15-2 - Copy volleyball seniors '15-3 - Copy volleyball seniors '15-4 - Copy volleyball seniors '15-5 - Copy volleyball seniors'15-6 - Copy

[Yes, it was senior night last night . . . ]

9-29-15-1 - Copy 9-29-15-2 - Copy 9-29-15-3 - Copy 9-29-15-4 - Copy 9-29-15-5 - Copy

[Before the game against the Willmar Cardinals, the seniors were honored and regaled with volleyball tales from their underclass teammates.  In the background, all the moms cell phone photo-bombing thinking she’s such a good kid, if only she’d make her bed!]

9-29-15-6 - Copy

[In warm-up drills, I once again try to get some good action shots . . . because I allegedly know what’s coming! Still, success is limited . . .  here we have senior Alexis Stern (8), senior Morgan Melrose (4), freshman Kendra Hardy (13), and junior Syri Williams (3).]

9-29-15-7 - Copy

[This appears to be junior Abby Pohlen (5) with the smack down (she led the team in kills on this night), with senior Natalie Minnerath (9) in the foreground and junior Kayla Feldhake (16) in the background.]

9-29-15-8 - Copy

[Abby again . . . ]

9-29-15-9 - Copy

[Kendra is our resident southpaw.]

9-29-15-10 - Copy

[Here we have freshman McKenzie Duwenhoegger (11) airborne.]

9-29-15-11 - Copy 9-29-15-11-1 - Copy

[We’re ready!]

9-29-15-12 - Copy 9-29-15-13 - Copy

[Then it was time for player introduction.  Due to the superior education they have received from School District 206, the players were able to chronologically align themselves without assistance.]

9-29-15-14 - Copy

[Then as they are individually introduced, they throw stuff to (at?) the crowd.  After years of coverage, I still have no idea what is being tossed.  The tosser here is senior Gracie Schroeder (1).]

9-29-15-15 - Copy 9-29-15-16 - Copy

[Morgan goes right . . . ]

9-29-15-17 - Copy

[Abby also goes right . . . ]

9-29-15-18 - Copy

[To the astonished delight of her teammates . . . ]

9-29-15-19 - Copy

[McKenzie wings one left, taking out two rows of bleachers . . . ]

9-29-15-20 - Copy

[Kayla also goes left . . . Duck!]

9-29-15-21 - Copy

[And then senior libero Maddi Moore (6), who was named player of the game.]

9-29-15-22 - Copy

[So, let the game begin!  We celebrate winning point one.]

9-29-15-23 - Copy

[Alexis was our first server . . . ]

9-29-15-24 - Copy 9-29-15-24-1 - Copy 9-29-15-25 - Copy

[Then came senior Kenna Goracke (2).  Couldn’t help but notice she had a beauty of a shiner . . . obtained in the tough Apple Valley tournament over the weekend?]

9-29-15-27 - Copy

[Or possibly smited by her own braid?  Let this be a lesson – never affix heavy objects to the end of your hairdo!]

9-29-15-28 - Copy

[Junior Jordyn Lamb (12) and Abby on the double block.]

9-29-15-29 - Copy

[Alexis, do you see that?]

9-29-15-29-1 - Copy

[Up there, by the scoreboard!]

9-29-15-30 - Copy

[Now that’s funny!]

9-29-15-30-1 - Copy

[A drone towing a banner saying “Class of ’65 Rocks!”]

9-29-15-31 - Copy

[Didn’t you see that drone?]

9-29-15-32 - Copy

[I think I see it Kenna!]

9-29-15-32-1 - Copy

[I’m a little nervous.  I don’t trust old people with new technology!]

9-29-15-33 - Copy

[Meanwhile, back at the game . . . our Cards easily handle Set One.]

9-29-15-34 - Copy

[Have you got it, Alexis?]

9-29-15-35 - Copy 9-29-15-36 - Copy 9-29-15-37 - Copy

[Alexis serves, Maddi protects her left flank.]

9-29-15-38 - Copy

[You’ve got to stop looking for Kim Kardashian and keep your eyes on the ball!]

9-29-15-39 - Copy 9-29-15-40 - Copy

[Maddi served well, asserting her player-of-the-game credentials.]

9-29-15-41 - Copy 9-29-15-42 - Copy

[Houston, we have contact!  The orb has taken flight!]

9-29-15-43 - Copy

[Uggghhh!  Yeah, what I said.  It turns out the team is aware of this problem – Coach Schlichting talked about it on radio after the game.  It’s called 2nd Set Slump!  And it seems most likely to happen if the first game is won too easily.  We fell way behind in this set, made a run, but it was too late.]

9-29-15-44 - Copy

[Set Three.  I must have dozed off, thinking the match now had to go at least 4 games, and I would be missed by loved ones back home.]

9-29-15-45 - Copy

[The Cardinal Crazies pose . . . ]

9-29-15-46 - Copy 9-29-15-47 - Copy

[Some sort of mascot, apparently named after Catholic hierarchy.]

9-29-15-48 - Copy 9-29-15-49 - Copy

[Kenna serves it out.  Another thing “we fans” talked about.  Have you ever noticed that when a teams hits 24, it never, and I mean never, scores the 25th and game winner on the next point?  It must be some sort of law of the universe.  Last night I think the Cards defaulted on that attempted point twice . . . for illegal motion, or some such thing?]

9-29-15-50 - Copy

[But we won . . . ]

9-29-15-51 - Copy

[Nice hat . . . ]

9-29-15-52 - Copy

[We have a winner!  The Cards are now 6 – 2 in conference and will travel to #10-ranked Moorhead in Thursday.  The girls’ soccer team lost a close one, 2 – 1, at home this same night – and it was a nice night, so I should have tried for dual coverage.]

Women are never disarmed by compliments.  Men always are.  That is the difference between the sexes.  ~  Oscar Wilde

Up next:  Appears to be Homecoming.

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