Back To School

Labor Day is a glorious holiday because your child will be going back to school the next day.  It would have been called Independence Day, but that name was already taken.  ~Bill Dodds

6-30-11-2You will no doubt be delighted to hear that the school year has begun, and I have moved back into my cub sports reporting mode. “Our” school year actually began on Labor Day with our first Community Ed movie at Grand Arbor (in the background beyond the football field). The next night there was a triple header at the school – boys’ soccer, girls’ soccer, and volleyball. I was able to cover a little of each. Now that the season has begun, the Super and I generally spend 3 – 4 night a week at the school or Grand Arbor – that’s a SIX mile trip one-way, but it’s the price one pays for living in the big city!

delicatessen delicatessen2 delicatessen3 delicatessen4

[Delicatessen was our first “class” this year.  The delightfully bizarre French black comedy held its audience spellbound as we tried to figure out . . . well, the origin of the word (among other things).  I believe it must be Cro-Magnon, the inventors of the dill pickle.  Community Ed hosts a foreign film at Grand Arbor on the first Monday of every month during the school year – if you can read subtitles, you will have fun.]

cards '15 fall schedule - Copy

9-8-15-1 - Copy

[The very next day I was at my post at the high school, the first day of school at AAHS, and I was determined to cover all events.  It’s not like games haven’t been played yet – for Pete’s sake, the football team has already played three times and the volleyball team’s overall record would be 4 – 4 by the end of the evening – but I don’t feel like “playing” until school starts.  When I arrived in the parking lot the scoreboard for the boys’ soccer game showed 6 – 0 – oops!  We were undefeated going into the game but were hosting defending state champs, St. Cloud Apollo.  By the time I walked to the stadium, bought my ticket, and reached the stands, we had scored twice.  That was it, a 6 – 2 final.  They were very good but we held them even in the second half.]

9-8-15-2 - Copy

[Cheer-oh-cheer for Alex!]

9-8-15-3 - Copy

[The Amazing Mr. Ripley is back for another year.]


[(Hmmmm, I wonder if my press credentials could get me down on the field with Mr. Ripley?)]

boys's soccer '15 - Copy

9-8-15-4 - Copy

[A quick review of the program indicates this is sophomore Michael Kuhn (17) giving it the ole high school try.]

9-8-15-5 - Copy 9-8-15-6 - Copy 9-8-15-7 - Copy

[Junior goalie Zach Harstad (2) gives the ball the boot.  He made several nice stops as the Eagles applied a lot of pressure.  BTW, have you tried the pastrami at the Pike & Pint yet?]

9-8-15-8 - Copy

[I’m guessing this is either Number 11 or 12?]

9-8-15-9 - Copy

[The loneliness of the soccer coach.  But Cahil Collins was looking pretty spiffy in his blazer and bow tie.]

9-8-15-10 - Copy

[I’d like to report a collision at the 40-yard line!]

9-8-15-11 - Copy

[Dance choreography?]

9-8-15-12 - Copy 9-8-15-13 - Copy

[A good rush by the Cards. Our goals were by senior Devon Crowe (6) assisted by senior Kagan Foster (11), and later Foster scored on an assist from Crowe.]

9-8-15-14 - Copy

[But we won the second half 2 – 1.  🙂  ]

girls' soccer '15 - Copy

9-8-15-15 - Copy

[And then the girls took the field.  First up is junior goalie Emma Ziegler (0), also known as the softball shortstop and a basketball wing guard.]

9-8-15-16 - Copy

[Freshman midfielder Kaye Pashka (2) – she can really scoot!]

9-8-15-17 - Copy

[OK, who’s next?  And two of our star hockey players there at the end of the line, junior defense McKenzie Revering (20) and senior forward Hanah Hansen (20).]

9-8-15-18 - Copy

[Another “scooter,” senior midfielder Karsen Granning (9).]

9-8-15-19 - Copy

[Senior defense Calsey Rieland (12).]

9-8-15-20 - Copy

[Ms. Hansen]

9-8-15-21 - Copy

[Still Hanah.]

9-8-15-22 - Copy 9-8-15-23 - Copy

[Ms. Revering]

9-8-15-24 - Copy 9-8-15-25 - Copy

[And I thought I already had enough competition from the Amazing Mr. Ripley?]

9-8-15-26 - Copy

[The lonely life of a goalie, unless one has a nice selection of tunes on the ole iPod.]

9-8-15-27 - Copy

[Senior midfielder Katie Desautels (14)]

9-8-15-28 - Copy

[Ms. Pashka and I believe that would be senior forward Hayley Burns (13).]

9-8-15-29 - Copy

[Desautels and Pashka move in on goal.]

9-8-15-30 - Copy

[Emma airs one out.]

9-8-15-31 - Copy 9-8-15-32 - Copy 9-8-15-33 - Copy 9-8-15-34 - Copy

[Several good offensive forays here by our stalwarts.]

9-8-15-35 - Copy

[OK, I have to let the cat out of the bag here.  I had no idea at the time of this shot that she would be the star of the game. I left when we were behind 2 – 1 to cover volleyball, and I didn’t see our goal, as I was leaving.  Ms. Burns scored all three goals in a 3 – 2 win, the last with 39 seconds left in the game.  It was fitting – I thought we had the better of the play before I left, and obviously throughout the game as we had a 22 – 8 shot advantage.]

9-8-15-36 - Copy 9-8-15-38 - Copy 9-8-15-39 - Copy

[Pashka and Granning on the move . . . ]

9-8-15-40 - Copy

9-8-15-40-1 - Copy

[And Ms. Burns joins the final assault.]

9-8-15-41 - Copy 9-8-15-42 - Copy 9-8-15-43 - Copy 9-8-15-44 - Copy

[And looking into the sun at the JV games I couldn’t see well enough to realize that of course the shot would focus on my hand?]

9-8-15-46 - Copy 9-8-15-47 - Copy 9-8-15-48 - Copy 9-8-15-49 - Copy 9-8-15-50 - Copy

[Another attack, and Oooooohhh!]

9-8-15-51 - Copy

[I got it, you take it!  Junior defense Anna Jensen (4) with Ms. Granning.]

9-8-15-52 - Copy

[I’m guessing this is senior forward Kelsea Navratil (1) – she seemed to be the designated corner kicker.]

9-8-15-53 - Copy 9-8-15-54 - Copy

[More goal front flurries.]

9-8-15-55 - Copy 9-8-15-56 - Copy

[Granning in for junior midfielder McKenna Smith (16).  I do not know enough about high school soccer to understand substitutions – there seem to be no restrictions?]

9-8-15-57 - Copy 9-8-15-58 - Copy

[But Granning immediately gets involved in the play.]

9-8-15-59 - Copy

[Senior midfielder Liza Knoblauch (6)]

9-8-15-60 - Copy

[Hanah in on goal.  Hope to say a lot of that during the hockey season.  🙂  ]

9-8-15-61 - Copy

[Ms. Granning again?  She must have had a good game!]

9-8-15-62 - Copy

[Apparently the Eagles thought she was having too good a game – oy!]

9-8-15-63 - Copy

[Hanah triple-teamed, and I begin my exit to . . . ]

volleyball '15 - Copy

9-8-15-64 - Copy

[Game three of the evening – volleyball v. the Fergus Falls Otters.  You may recognize the fire marshal and Corliss sitting to the right on the other side of the railing – they too were at halves of both soccer games.]

9-8-15-65 - Copy 9-8-15-66 - Copy

[Cardinal Super Fans Ruth & Bud told me the Cards easily won game one 25-15.  When I arrived for Game 2, the Otters were on such a roll they eventually led 17 – 4.  I’m thinking, “I’m the black cloud, again!” But the Cards made a great come back and actually were serving to win the game.]

9-8-15-67 - Copy 9-8-15-68 - Copy

[Otters serving here while the “Cardinal Crazies” plot their next cheer.]

9-8-15-69 - Copy

[Really, ref, we were distracted by a Kim Kardashian sighting!]

9-8-15-70 - Copy

[And this is senior Alexis Stern serving for the game.  We lost the point, and eventually Game 2.  I don’t recall any team ever making game point the first time they serve for it?]

9-8-15-71 - Copy

[Ass’t Coach Jackie, far right, is thinking, “How did we ever lose that game?”]

9-8-15-72 - Copy

[Junior Kayla Feldhake (16) serving – she will have to replace all our bigs on the basketball team this year.]

9-8-15-73 - Copy

[Allamande right!  Led by the aforementioned Ms. Stern.]

9-8-15-74 - Copy

[We are the Cardinals, mighty, might, Cardinals!  (Or words to that effect.)]

9-8-15-75 - Copy

[The Forever Super Fans Leslies in the background.]

9-8-15-76 - Copy

[Junior Abby Pohlen (5)]

9-8-15-77 - Copy

[Ms. Feldhake goes airborne to swat one down.]

9-8-15-78 - Copy

[And again.]

9-8-15-79 - Copy

[Junior Jordyn Lamb (12) goes over the top of the Otter blockade.]

9-8-15-80 - Copy

[Ms. Lamb and Ms. Stern book end freshman McKenzie Duwenhoegger (11), the principal’s daughter and from whom we’re expecting good things on the basketball court.]

9-8-15-81 - Copy

[Thanksgiving comes a little early this year as the Cards provide the stuffing.]

9-8-15-82 - Copy

[Ms. Pohlen pulls out her trick serve as the ball appears to travel through other dimensions.]

9-8-15-83 - Copy

[Game 3 was a total blow out for the Cards.]

9-8-15-84 - Copy

[I told you not to call me when I’m on the court!  (Senior Maddy Moore (6).)]

9-8-15-85 - Copy

[Security, please escort Ms. Kardashian from the arena!  (Serving is senior Kenna Goracke (2), who was player-of-the-game.)]

9-8-15-86 - Copy

[Ready . . . ]

9-8-15-87 - Copy


9-8-15-88 - Copy

[Game 4, and the winner.  Pretty ugly for the Otters, but the Cards should gain a lot of confidence.]

9-8-15-89 - Copy 9-8-15-90 - Copy

[And we bid you all adieu.]

If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers.  ~Edgar W. Howe

Up next:  Football?

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