Boat Trip, Day Two (Part I *)


*  Yes, this day was so big the second half will be treated as a sequel!

4-22-15-2 - Copy

[Day two began in the same manner as our previous night’s stroll.  This time, however, we were on a guided tour.  I’m sure by now you’re wondering where’s the rest of our party? The Super and I flew from MSP to Amsterdam to Prague, where we would spend our first three days before the river cruise began from Budapest.  Rita (a/k/a, “Reetz” or “Biddy One”) and Karen’s arrival in Prague from Indianapolis was delayed one day for reasons we won’t go into here.  The Gross family were leaving D.C. for four preliminary days in Vienna, but the plane developed a galley fire, turned back, was cancelled, so they were a day late also.  The overall trip was not getting off to a good start!]

4-22-15-3 - Copy

[A fine mosaic at the top of the Municipal House.]

4-22-15-4 - Copy

[This is our guide, Michal.  He said call him”Mike.” He was raised partly in the Netherlands, where his mother is from, and partly in Czech, where his father is from. When I asked him how many languages he spoke, we were interrupted by business before he could finish – I believe we were up to six.]

4-22-15-5 - Copy

[OK, you already know this place . . . ]

4-22-15-6 - Copy

[The Czech National Bank, right across the street from the Powder Tower.]

4-22-15-7-1 - Copy

[As a denizen of Lake Darling, the name caught my eye.  No other reason.]

4-22-15-8 - Copy

[OK, we passed through the Powder Tower, but because it’s morning you’re seeing it in an entirely different light.  😉  ]

4-22-15-9 - Copy

[We didn’t think it appropriate that Mike had already given our group an “F”!]

4-22-15-10 - Copy

[Side streets sometimes go through buildings.]

4-22-15-11 - Copy

[The spires of Tyn Church, closing in on Old Town Square again.]

4-22-15-12 - Copy 4-22-15-14 - Copy

[Church of St. James.  There is a mummified forearm, hanging by chain from the ceiling, just to the right of the above photo.  It’s the arm of a jewel thief that was cut off by the monks upon his capture over 400 years ago.  Didn’t take a photo, thought it a bit ghoulish, but if you are so inclined you can find several shots of it on the internet.]

4-22-15-15 - Copy

[It’s a bomb!]

4-22-15-16 - Copy

[It’s an alley!]

4-22-15-17 - Copy

[In Old Town Square, the Jan Hus fountain.]

4-22-15-18 - Copy

4-22-15-19 - Copy

[Displaying photographic bona fides, Mr. Hus with the Old Town City Hall clock tower.]

4-22-15-20 - Copy

[The Tyn spires . . .]

4-22-15-21 - Copy

[The family Gross were going on to four days in Transylvania at the end of our cruise.  I do believe I captured the essence of Transylvania in this photo . . . bwa-ha-ha!]

4-22-15-22 - Copy 4-22-15-23 - Copy

[Jewish Town Hall clock.]

4-22-15-24 - Copy

[Taking five in the Old Town Square, we found the fuel supply for the following . . .]

4-22-15-25 - Copy

[Beer and a brat, over a wood fired stove.]

4-22-15-26 - Copy

4-22-15-27 - Copy

[The Astronomical Clock on the Old Town City Hall.  There will be a video on this later.]

4-22-15-28 - Copy

4-22-15-29 - Copy

[Looks like they wallpapered the building exterior.]

4-22-15-30 - Copy

[OK, listen up.  Ruthie, you run a 10-yard square out.  The rest of you stay in to block.  On three!]

4-22-15-31 - Copy 4-22-15-32 - Copy

[Another little square with outdoor dining.]

4-22-15-33 - Copy

[Got any trdelnik?]

4-22-15-34 - Copy

[Just stuff you wander into . . .]

4-22-15-35 - Copy 4-22-15-36 - Copy

[OK, it looks like we’re approaching Charles Bridge . . .]

4-22-15-37 - Copy 4-22-15-38 - Copy 4-22-15-39 - Copy 4-22-15-40 - Copy

[And here we are again!]

4-22-15-41 - Copy

[We have better lighting for sightseeing and photography in the morning.]

4-22-15-42 - Copy

[The Prague Castle over the top of the Super’s head . . . and we’re heading that way.]

4-22-15-43 - Copy

4-22-15-44 - Copy 4-22-15-45 - Copy 4-22-15-46 - Copy

4-22-15-47 - Copy

[Local group of some fame, either the Czech Mates or the Bouncing Czechs, I don’t recall (OK, OK, too easy).]

4-22-15-48 - Copy

[Because inquiring minds want to know, why are we wearing jackets?  Well, I thought the temperatures were just perfect throughout the trip, jacket weather in the morning, optional in the afternoon, great for lots of walking.  The temps were pretty much what we have at home this time of year.  The key to remember is that Prague is farther north than Winnipeg.  Yup.  And Bucharest, at the end of our trip, is just about the same north latitude as Minneapolis.]

4-22-15-50 - Copy

4-22-15-51 - Copy

4-22-15-52 - Copy 4-22-15-53 - Copy 4-22-15-54 - Copy 4-22-15-55 - Copy

[Just walkin’ across the bridge.]

4-22-15-56 - Copy 4-22-15-57 - Copy

[The Eiffel Tower in the distance.  It is!  Built as a mini version of Paris’s Eiffel Tower, the Petrin Observation Tower was built in 1891 for the Jubilee Exhibition.  The tower is 60m tall, which doesn’t seem particularly high until you add in the fact that it sits at the summit of Petrin Hill, which is 318m (1043 feet) high.  Climb the 299 steps to reach the top of the tower and the view over Prague is magnificent. On a clear day it is possible to see the highest peak in the Czech Republic, Snezka, which is 150km away [Prague].]

4-22-15-58 - Copy[Quintessential old Europe . . . well, except for the modern river cruise boat.]

4-22-15-59 - Copy

[We came from back there . . . ]

4-22-15-60 - Copy

4-22-15-62 - Copy

[Rubbing for luck . . .]

4-22-15-63 - Copy 4-22-15-64 - Copy 4-22-15-65 - Copy 4-22-15-66 - Copy 4-22-15-67 - Copy

[It’s a movie!  I’m looking for Liam Neeson . . .]

4-22-15-68 - Copy 4-22-15-69 - Copy 4-22-15-70 - Copy

[This latter is the most multi-figured statuary on the bridge.  The guy on the left with a blue jacket similar to mine is Dale, a retired gym teacher from Chicago.  Just in case you were wondering.]

4-22-15-71 - Copy 4-22-15-72 - Copy 4-22-15-73 - Copy

[WHOA . . . back to the trdelnik place!  🙂  ]

4-22-15-74 - Copy

[And this is what I get?  OK, it’s a lovely croissant.  Goes well with the flower and my pork pie hat with the Gopher football stick pin.]

4-22-15-75 - Copy

[And what goes better with a brunch croissant . . . a pilsner?]

4-22-15-76 - Copy

[Just sit back and watch the world cross the bridge.]

4-22-15-78 - Copy 4-22-15-79-1 - Copy

[Doesn’t get much better than this!]

4-22-15-80 - Copy

[And now we’re across the bridge and walking to a bus to take us to Prague Castle.]

4-22-15-81 - Copy

[The Vltava floods from time to time.  It’s a river!  The last big one was just 13 years ago – see the water line marked on the wall.]

4-22-15-83 - Copy

[Now down at the movie set . . . no Liam Nesson.  Kim Kardashian, maybe?]

4-22-15-84 - Copy

[The Super with a plane tree.]

4-22-15-86 - Copy

[Stretching with friends . . .]

4-22-15-88 - Copy 4-22-15-88-1 - Copy 4-22-15-89 - Copy

[I’m sure these have a deeper, artistic meaning . . . I just saw cute baby butts.]

4-22-15-90 - Copy

[It is what it is.]

4-22-15-91 - Copy

[Another naked lady statue . . .]

4-22-15-94 - Copy

[We’re down at the river level, ISO our bus . . .]

4-22-15-98 - Copy 4-22-15-99 - Copy 4-22-15-100 - Copy

[We’re climbing the hill by bus, past this 200,000-seat soccer stadium where the Rollingstones have played five times (well, not soccer), on the way to the castle.  We’ll end Part I here.]

Intelligent women always marry fools.  ~  Anatole France  [Editor’s note:  Well I guess that doesn’t speak too highly of me?]

Up next:  Need I tell you?

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