Road Trip, Day Four

3-21-15-1 - Copy 3-21-15-2 - Copy

[Saturday morning we left Green River and drove south on Utah Highway 24.  There are no people here . . . ]

And the following video proves it:

3-21-15-3 - Copy 3-21-15-3-1 - Copy

3-21-15-5 - Copy

3-21-15-6 - Copy 3-21-15-7 - Copy 3-21-15-7-1 - Copy[We were going to stop here . . . but I apparently have been banned?  Something to do with either being on TSA’s “no cruise” list or having an overdue library book from third grade.]

3-21-15-8 - Copy

[This was a luck of the draw, meaning it was on our route.  We had never heard of it?  Capitol Reef is a relatively new national park – from the early 70’s.]

3-21-15-9 - Copy 3-21-15-10 - Copy

[It began with the usual neat national park stuff . . . ]

3-21-15-11 - Copy 3-21-15-12 - Copy 3-21-15-12-1 - Copy 3-21-15-13 - Copy 3-21-15-14 - Copy 3-21-15-15 - Copy 3-21-15-16 - Copy 3-21-15-16-1 - Copy 3-21-15-17 - Copy 3-21-15-18 - Copy 3-21-15-19 - Copy 3-21-15-19-1 - Copy 3-21-15-20 - Copy 3-21-15-20-1 - Copy

[And before we even hit the visitors’ center, this – petroglyphs!  They were hard to see – I spotted most of these on the return trip back along the wooden walkway.  Thank goodness for cataract surgery!]

3-21-15-21 - Copy 3-21-15-22 - Copy 3-21-15-23 - Copy 3-21-15-24 - Copy 3-21-15-25 - Copy 3-21-15-26 - Copy 3-21-15-27 - Copy

[Then it was on to the visitors’ center to find out what this place was all about.]

3-21-15-28 - Copy 3-21-15-29 - Copy 3-21-15-30 - Copy

[Then, before I knew what was happening, the Supervisor said, “Let’s go this way.”]

3-21-15-31 - Copy 3-21-15-32 - Copy3-21-15-34 - Copy 3-21-15-35 - Copy 3-21-15-36 - Copy 3-21-15-37 - Copy 3-21-15-38 - Copy 3-21-15-39 - Copy 3-21-15-40 - Copy

[We were on the Hickman Bridge Trail, “only” a mile hike to see a stupendous natural arch.  Well, that “mile” took an hour to get through elevation changes, lost trails, scrambling on all fours at times . . . ]

3-21-15-41 - Copy 3-21-15-42 - Copy 3-21-15-43 - Copy 3-21-15-44 - Copy 3-21-15-45 - Copy 3-21-15-46 - Copy 3-21-15-47 - Copy 3-21-15-48 - Copy 3-21-15-49 - Copy 3-21-15-50 - Copy

[Well, as noted by the occasional hiker we ran across and as you can see, it was worth it. While taking the photos of the Super under the arch, I was hanging on for dear life.  If the Super’s left foot had slipped out from under her, she would have fallen hundreds of feet creating at least a bad hair day.]

3-21-15-51 - Copy 3-21-15-52 - Copy 3-21-15-53 - Copy

[And when we got back down, this is the sign I should have noticed before we went up!]

3-21-15-54 - Copy 3-21-15-55 - Copy

[Thank you Capitol Reef for the nice interlude.  Now we would continue on Highway 24 looking for Highway 12 out of Torrey.  Of course, we missed it.  We stopped at a sporting good stores, the Super went in with our map, and when the proprietor heard we were looking for Highway 12, he said, “The most beautiful drive on the planet.”  So, here we go . . . 120 some miles that takes a tad longer than the drive from Alex to Minneapolis.]

3-21-15-56 - Copy 3-21-15-57 - Copy 3-21-15-58 - Copy 3-21-15-59 - Copy 3-21-15-60 - Copy

[It began going up the mountains in Dixie National Forest.]

3-21-15-61 - Copy 3-21-15-62 - Copy 3-21-15-63 - Copy 3-21-15-64 - Copy

3-21-15-65 - Copy

[The grade changes and switchbacks over the top of Boulder Mountain (9,600 feet), the highest timbered plateau in North America.]

3-21-15-66 - Copy 3-21-15-67 - Copy 3-21-15-68 - Copy 3-21-15-69 - Copy 3-21-15-70 - Copy 3-21-15-71 - Copy 3-21-15-72 - Copy 3-21-15-73 - Copy 3-21-15-74 - Copy 3-21-15-75 - Copy

3-21-15-76 - Copy 3-21-15-77 - Copy 3-21-15-78 - Copy 3-21-15-79 - Copy 3-21-15-80 - Copy 3-21-15-81 - Copy 3-21-15-82 - Copy 3-21-15-83 - Copy 3-21-15-84 - Copy 3-21-15-85-1 - Copy

[Yes, we’re still on scenic Highway 12, and it was here I saw the whale shark (above).  Who’da thunk you could have whale sharks in the desert?]

3-21-15-86 - Copy 3-21-15-87 - Copy 3-21-15-88 - Copy 3-21-15-89 - Copy

[And it was about this time that Highway 12 skirted Bryce Canyon National Park, before it dead-ended at US Highway 89 which took us to our evening destination, Kanab, on the Arizona border.  We had hoped for visit to Bryce on this trip, but never found the time.  Fortunately, we have been there twice before so let’s venture back in time for a moment.]

Bryce Canyon, 11 years ago . . .

153780-R1-2A 153788-R2-19A 153788-R2-20A 153788-R2-21A 153788-R2-23A 153788-R2-24A

[With the Supervisor, this same time of year in 2004.]

Bryce Canyon, 32 years ago . . .

4-83-72 4-83-73 4-83-75 4-83-76 4-83-77 4-83-78 4-83-79

4-83-93 4-83-95 4-83-96 4-83-97 4-83-98

[With Basketball Dan, this same time of year in 1983.]

3-21-15-90 - Copy 3-21-15-91 - Copy 3-21-15-92 - Copy 3-21-15-93 - Copy 3-21-15-94 - Copy

[The Super made me do this.  It was in our Kanab lodgings.  The owners are from Seattle – and are big Chihuly fans.  So is the Supervisor (the latter, that is).]

3-21-15-95 - Copy 3-21-15-96 - Copy 3-21-15-97 - Copy 3-21-15-98 - Copy 3-21-15-99 - Copy 3-21-15-100 - Copy 3-21-15-102 - Copy

[And here are our cute lodgings.]

3-21-15-103 - Copy 3-21-15-104 - Copy 3-21-15-105 - Copy 3-21-15-106 - Copy 3-21-15-107 - Copy 3-21-15-108 - Copy

[And these, of course, are for the Fat Boys Walking Club.  While there, a couple we recognized from our lodgings were at the table next to us.  We exchanged greetings and later I heard them talking to each other in a language my trained ear recognized wasn’t English.  So I asked where they were from. “Lichtenstein,” was the response.  The proprietor was passing our tables at the time and said the restaurant had hosted several Lichtensteinians – in fact, he said one night 17 difference countries were represented in the restaurant.  Another reason why we like Kanab.]

3-21-15-109 - Copy 3-21-15-113 - Copy 3-21-15-115 - Copy

[And walking the town streets were learned Kanab is known as Little Hollywood because of the number of western movies filmed here.  The were other cowboys beside Tom Mix displayed along the main street.  Kanab is a destination because it is centrally located between Zion, Bryce, and the Grand Canyon.  In the morning we would be heading to the Grand.]

Q:  Do female frogs croak?

Paul Lynde:  If you hold their little heads under water long enough.

Up next:  Day Five.

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