STATE 2015 (Complementary)

Comings and goings betwixt, between, and after the tournament . . .

2-19-15-68 - Copy

[After putting the finishing touches on the Hutchinson game, it was time to head home.  It was Thursday night date night at SAWA after all.  On the way home, we stopped at the Albany DQ.  We hadn’t for a long time (?) and were delighted to discover the new indoor biffies (well, you used to have to walk outside around to the back)!  Anyway, not only was it Components night at SAWA, WCCO was also coming to “the place where everyone knows your name” to cover life in Alexandria in winter.   The sign on the wall behind His Worship tells it all.]

2-19-15-69 - Copy 2-19-15-70 - Copy 2-19-15-71 - Copy 2-19-15-72 - Copy

[Let the good times roll . . . ]

2-19-15-73 - Copy 2-19-15-74 - Copy 2-19-15-75 - Copy 2-19-15-76 - Copy 2-19-15-79 - Copy

[The ladies seem to think Vascellaro (r) is some sort of hottie.  I have no idea who the two ladies in this photo are?]

2-20-15-1 - Copy 2-20-15-2 - Copy 2-20-15-3 - Copy

[Friday night marked the annual Wine & Beer Fundraiser for the United Way.  As usual, a cast of thousands appeared on the scene, ultimately raising the temperature in the room to about 100 degrees . . . not so good when you have to go out into double digit sub-zero temperatures when it’s all over.]

2-20-15-6 - Copy

[Two semi-known ne’er-do-wells celebrating having their names recently removed from TSA’s “no fly” list.  A Congressional investigation has been initiated.]

2-20-15-7 - Copy

[Terry Kennedy and Al Lieffort, a/k/a Emergency Stop, were staged for the music.  Thanks again, guys.  Al seems to really be enjoying being into his 2nd month of retirement.]

2-20-15-8 - Copy 2-20-15-8-1 - Copy

[Known to be less than two months apart in age.  Apparently are related in some capacity to the ne’er-do-wells.]

2-20-15-9 - Copy

[Ahhh, there’s really no need to travel anyway.  I’m perfectly comfortable right here.  Oh, garcon, another Malbec, s’il vous plait.]

2-20-15-10 - Copy

[Speaking of retirement, this will also be Corliss Stark’s last year at the helm of such United Way festivities.  And a many thanks to her for all her years helping make the Douglas and Pope Counties United Way the dynamo that it is in providing help and caring for our community.]

2-20-15-11 - Copy

[My supervisors, off and on the job.]

2-20-15-12 - Copy 2-20-15-13 - Copy

[Jessica Boyer and Corliss form a great one-two punch for United Way.]

2-20-15-15 - Copy

[Jessica makes sure one of the ne’er-do-wells doesn’t sneak off with any of the prizes.]

2-20-15-16 - Copy

[This was at least a couple such events in a row where the Supervisor didn’t win anything? Time to call for an overall lottery audit!!]

2-21-15-60 - Copy

[After the Cardinals wrapped up the consolation title Saturday morning.  A “selfie.”  At Vescio’s.  In Dinkytown.  Where we go to celebrate good things happening at Ridder Arena.  Sid Hartman still noshes here.]

ruth2-21-15-11 ruth2-21-15-8 - Copy

ruth2-21-15-9 - Copy

[Public Service Message:  This is what can happen to you if you overdose on marinara sauce!]

ruth2-21-15-13 ruth2-21-15-14

[Waiter-in-training at Vescio’s.  We asked him to take our picture.  His trainer told him to take a “selfie” of himself as well – it’s restaurant policy.  Ha!]

2-21-15-61 - Copy 2-21-15-61-1 - Copy february fever

[After the Vescio’s nosh, we bolted for home to meet the kids for Jess Lourey’s signing session at Cherry Street Books.  We’ve been buddies with her through social media from the beginning of her murder-by-month mysteries.  Since she has now struck out to be a full-time writer, we promised her dinner (starving artist syndrome, don’cha know?) on this visit  . . ]

2-21-15-62 - Copy

[Well, Raapers was right across the street so across we went . . . seven of us had a repast, a beverage, and a spirited discussion of stuff right up until . . . ]

sweet river county

[We literally had to run to make the play.  Well worth the physical exertion as David Christman and Colin Hearn were hilarious.  🙂   But again, everything comes with a price, If we could have stayed in the Cities, we would have gone to the Gopher women’s basketball game.  The Gophers won again with another monster performance by Amanda Zahui B, 27 points and 27 rebounds, which made her ESPN’s national player of the week (Doh!  D’ya think?).]

2-22-15-1 - Copy

[Sunday morning dawned bright and clear.  The temperature over beautiful Lake Darling was 19 degrees below zero, the wind chill was a balmy minus 41 (I did notice that going out to get the morning paper in my bathrobe).  But we didn’t care . . . we were going to the symphony/ballet, a collaboration between our own Central Lakes Symphony Orchestra (CLSO) and Twin Cities Ballet!]

clso1 - Copy clso2 - Copy clso3 - Copy clso4 - Copy clso5 - Copy

[The setting . . .]

2-22-15-2 - Copy 2-22-15-2-1 - Copy 2-22-15-3 - Copy 2-22-15-3-1 - Copy 2-22-15-4 - Copy

[The hole in the floor . . . and it was quite a hole!  This was the first event at the performing arts center where the orchestra pit was used.  The buzz in the crowd was that it was the 2nd largest such pit in the state.  As I recall, Maestro Brad told me it was designed for 42 – 44 musicians but that 55 would be “down there” today.  Hey, watch where you’re sticking that bow!]

2-22-15-5 - Copy

[Sandy Susag makes formal introductions, thanks Trumm Drug for its sponsorship, and turn off your phones and no photos!]

2-22-15-6 - Copy

[A ne’er-do-well, ever on the move, visits with Greg Donahue, CLSO officer and violin performer of some repute, after the event.]

2-22-15-7 - Copy

[You never get more sunshine than when the temperature is below zero!  Beautiful!]


[Photo from the Twin Cities Ballet website . . . ]

twin cities ballet2 twin cities ballet3 twin city ballet1

[As are these, of the rehearsals with the local folk who would be performing with them.]

The ability to have our own way, and at the same time convince others they are having their own way, is a rare thing among men.  Among women it is as common as eyebrows.  ~  Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Up next:  Hockey is over.  😦

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