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[Friday night, Lisa Lynn is playing at SAWA, I’m hoping for a quick 3 and out by the Cards in the 2nd round of the sections v. Monticello.  Monticello?  Have we ever played them in anything before?  They’re the “Magic,” I know I’ve never heard that nickname before.  As “Weakie” says, “I have no idea what section any sport is in?”  This section extends from Monti to Bemidji, or a plane ride and two bus transfers?  Anyway, with every new visit to the new school, some nice new (3 times in one sentence) additions have been . . . added(?).  New championship banners have gone up as well as banners from the conference schools  – “warms” the place up by covering the stark white walls.]

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[The number of  double high fives exchanged over the course of a match . . . well, have you ever wondered where Carl Sagan’s signature quotation, “Billions and billions and . . .,” came from?]

10-24-14-8 - Copy

[The Voice checks to make sure I’m in position.]

10-24-14-9-1 - Copy

[And now for the warm-up smack downs served up by assistant coach Jackie Peters, whose other duties include keeping an eye on the Fat Boys at the ‘Y’ every morning.  First up is Abby Aker (15) . . .]

10-24-14-11-1 - Copy

[Then Amanda Haack (11) . . .]

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10-24-14-13 - Copy

[Abby Pohlen (5) . . .]

10-24-14-15 - Copy

[Liz Schultz (1) . . .]

10-24-14-16 - Copy

[The band (lots of numbers) – their first appearance when I’ve been here.]

10-24-14-17 - Copy

[Student section dressed in anticipation of upcoming holiday.]

10-24-14-18 - Copy

[And a ball gets in the way of a shot of “seniors-on-a-stick!”]

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[Sheree Saxton, publisher and editor of the Cardinal Connection, also chaperones, and kids with, the kids.]

10-24-14-21 - Copy

[The Voice with Assistant Voice, Michelle Johnson – Fourteen ninety on your radio dial.]

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[Time for introductions . . .]

10-24-14-24 - Copy

[Will always warm the cockles of my heart!  🙂  ]

10-24-14-25 - Copy

[Cheer oh cheer for Alex!]

10-24-14-26 - Copy

[Ms. Pohlen again . . .]

10-24-14-27 - Copy

[Katie Dolan (7) . . .]

10-24-14-29 - Copy

[Alexis Stern (8) . . .]

10-24-14-30 - Copy

[Hmmm, I have no 9 in my program?]

10-24-14-31 - Copy

[Gracie Schroeder (10) . . .]

10-24-14-32 - Copy

[Ms. Aker (15) . . .]

10-24-14-33 - Copy

[Syri Williams (14) . . .]

10-24-14-34 - Copy

[Ponytailed number? . . .]

10-24-14-35 - Copy 10-24-14-37 - Copy

[Ms. Schultz (1) . . .]

10-24-14-38 - Copy 10-24-14-39 - Copy

[Kalley Bistodeau (2) . . .]

10-24-14-40 - Copy

[Morgan Melrose (4) . . .]

10-24-14-41 - Copy

[Brooke Swanson (6) . . .]

10-24-14-42 - Copy 10-24-14-43 - Copy

[Ms. Haack (11) . . .]

10-24-14-44 - Copy 10-24-14-45 - Copy

[Jordyn Lamb (12) . . .]

10-24-14-47 - Copy

[Gretchen Watkins (3).]

10-24-14-48 - Copy

[Coach Becky Schlichting]

10-24-14-49 - Copy


[Katie with the game’s first serve, with Kalley on her left.]

10-24-14-51 - Copy

[Then rush in on defense.]

10-24-14-52 - Copy

[Liz,up front, directs her fellow netmates, Amanda and Jordyn.]

10-24-14-53 - Copy

[OK, we did good on that one.]

10-24-14-54 - Copy

[Alexis serves, with Gretchen with her on the back line.  She may have been our most consistent server in the first two games.]

10-24-14-55 - Copy

[Kalley serving with Liz on the side.]

10-24-14-56 - Copy

[Brooke and Morgan on a block attempt.]

10-24-14-57 - Copy 10-24-14-57-1 - Copy

[And you are this year’s Publishers’ Clearinghouse winners!!]

10-24-14-58 - Copy 10-24-14-58-1 - Copy

[Double high fives all around!]

10-24-14-59 - Copy

[Hey, that was fun, let’s do another!]

10-24-14-60 - Copy

[I was thinking at the time that the joy of playing the game is just so much fun because this occurred just after our own serving fault?]

10-24-14-61 - Copy

[Jordyn and Liz on the block . . .]

10-24-14-62 - Copy

[It must have been a successful one.]

10-24-14-63 - Copy

[The Fourth Estate]

10-24-14-65 - Copy 10-24-14-66 - Copy

[Liz has been outstanding as the season winds down.  But I notice she does get warm out there.  A true Minnesotan, not likely to become a snowbird?  😉  ]

10-24-14-67 - Copy

[Kalley goes for a kill.]

10-24-14-68 - Copy

[Brooke and Amanda leap and . . . where’d it go?]

10-24-14-69 - Copy

10-24-14-70 - Copy

[Amanda serving with Liz . . . and the double blue garbage cans guarding the rear flank.]

10-24-14-71 - Copy

[There was no doubt the Cards were the better team.  A 3 – 0 sweep was looking good to me as the super and friends were holding down a table at SAWA.]

10-24-14-72 - Copy


10-24-14-73 - Copy 10-24-14-74 - Copy 10-24-14-75 - Copy

[Liz again marshaling her net forces.]

10-24-14-76-1 - Copy

[And then jump serving.]

10-24-14-77 - Copy

[And then attempting a block on their 6’1″ hitter.]

10-24-14-78 - Copy

[And then hitting over their 6’1″ player, who I understand is being considered for all-state honors.  Well, we pretty much had her number on the night.]

10-24-14-79 - Copy

[Liz and Kalley]

10-24-14-80 - Copy 10-24-14-80-1 - Copy

[Morgan and Liz going to block the “tall one.”  I notice Liz is kinda ducking her head here.  Earlier the “tall one” really cracked one, and Liz just laughed at the unreturnable shot and held her ears.]

10-24-14-81 - Copy

[The seniors on the big board.]

10-24-14-82 - Copy

[Two relatively easy wins – we were clearly the superior team.  So, it will be over soon, right?]

10-24-14-83 - Copy 10-24-14-84 - Copy 10-24-14-85 - Copy

[OK, let’s wrap this up in 3!  And then we can all go to SAWA to see Lisa!  🙂  ]

10-24-14-86 - Copy

[Amanda awaits the play, Liz towels off, Jordyn and Morgan discuss the morning’s biology class.]

10-24-14-87 - Copy

[That was good, let’s just ride out this big early lead.]

10-24-14-88 - Copy

10-24-14-88-1 - Copy

[The end is nigh . . . ]

10-24-14-89 - Copy

[Alexis serves . . .]

10-24-14-90 - Copy

10-24-14-91 - Copy

[Amanda points to the rightfield bleachers, calling her shot?]

10-24-14-92 - Copy

[Gretch readying for the perfect set.]

10-24-14-93 - Copy

[After a big early lead, the Magic came back and actually had a lead in the teens.]

10-24-14-94 - Copy

[Alexis as the free safety behind three linebackers.]

10-24-14-95 - Copy

[Yo, band guys!]

10-24-14-96 - Copy

[Jordyn and Liz for the block.]

10-24-14-97 - Copy

[The Cards had a 24 – 19 lead . . . ]

10-24-14-97-1 - Copy

[The students were singing, “Hey, hey, hey, good-bye . . .”]

10-24-14-98 - Copy

[And then a finny thing happened . . .]

10-24-14-99 - Copy

[The Magic started winning points . . . ]

10-24-14-100 - Copy

[And they got a lead??]

10-24-14-101 - Copy

[Then this may have been what the Cards thought was the winning shot . . . ]

10-24-14-101-1 - Copy

[Liz thought she hit the line with a kill – but it was ruled out.  The Magic went on to win the game.  I had to go.  The Cards came back to easily (again) win the 4th game and the match.]

10-25-14-1 - Copy

[The next day the supervisor thought I’d be a good time for me to start downsizing my storage in the guest bedroom.  Meanwhile, the Cards prepare for their semi-final match against No. 1-seed Sartell, at their place on Tuesday.]

Tasteless, once again.  ~  The Nanner

Up next:  Gonna try to see the girls’ hockey first practice today.

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