Home, Sweet, Home


After a two-game road trip to the Cities followed by another at conference rival, River Lakes, our Cardinals were happy to be back home again on Friday.  Against the Simley Spartans, who as I recall were ranked 18th in the state.  As you can see, we won!  We arrived at the RCC in plenty of time to cover the JV game first – so we did!  😉


[Trihanna Olson (14), freshman forward]


[Marisa Larson (25), sophomore defense.  Bailey Serum (35) was JV goalie for this game.]


[Taylor Bollman (9), junior forward]


[Katie Bowen (26), freshman forward]




[Coach Boike.  Her husband, David, is also a regular at SAWA – his regularity there, however, is by reason of employment.  He was looking forward to seeing his 1st hockey game of the season that night.]


[Mackenzie Abrahamson (17), freshman forward, and McKenna Schroeder (28), freshman forward; and it looks like Micaela Swenson (34), sophomore forward, mixing it up with the Spartans.]




[You know them all now from previous introduction.]


[Kaila Dewanz (7), sophomore forward, also plays varsity.]


[Looks like Sara Schmidt (27), senior forward, is now centering Mackenzie and McKenna (we seem to have a lot of “Mac” girls).]


[Baby birds having their best game through two periods.]


[Third period, the puck’s in the crease, did we score?  😉 ]


[Carly Edenloff (19), sophomore forward]


[Taylor shoots.]


[Kaila and Sara are in the zone.]


[Kaila shoots.]


[Gonna guess the baby birds scored here . . .]


[Yup, center ice face-off!   😉 ]


[A Kaila sequence . . .]



[Another shot.]


[Sara . . .]


[We’re glad she decided to rejoin the team as a player.  With injuries and illness, we also needed her on the varsity.]


[Micaela had a terrific game.  I’ll be surprised if she doesn’t get varsity playing time, too.]


[Carly’ s on the doorstep.]


[Good all around game for the JV!]

Next up – varsity parent night!


[Seniors (l-r):  Becca, in civvies (good news, she’s been medically cleared to play again next Thursday); Rachel (oops, a junior); Sara; Madi; Anna; and Shanee’]


[Shelby has joined them on the right.]


[Juniors (l-r):  Taylor Ellingson; Kalley Kragenbring (in civvies); Melissa; and, I’m guessing, Taylor Bollman.]




[Back at ya, Taylor!  🙂 ]


[(l-r):  Freshman Mari; sophomores Marisa; Micaela; Carly; Kaila; Nicole; and Bailey.]


(Oh, to have Kalley back.) ]


[They’re getting too far away from me!]


[Let’s see, 26 is Katie Bowen . . .]


[Looks like (r-l):  Freshmen Trihanna (14); Mackenzie (17); McKenna (28); Taylor Coker (30); Amy Jost (33); Lauren Niska (21); Hanah Hansen (11); and 8th-grader, McKenzie Revering.]


[Coaches Andy and Brittin with student “coaches” Kalley and Becca.  It’s a state law that students on the bench must wear a helmet; if I was on the bench, I’d be in a shark cage.]


[You can tell by Andy’s expression how much it hurts having . . . 40(?) goals sitting on the bench with him!  (Not to mention Becca, who looks like she’s ready to hop over the boards any minute!)]


[I’ve got nothing to add here . . .]


[Their expressions say it all.]


[Parent night goodie night.]


[Becca’s dad, Shelby’s dad, Shanee’s mom and dad.  We keep them behind glass for display purposes.]


[Hats on, ladies, it’s time to go to work!]


[Opening face-off – the Shanee’ play.  Taylor E draws it back to No. 40 who takes it hard around left end.]


[And there she goes.  Her parents are interested spectators.]


[Let’s take a closer look at that!  😉 ]


[Hanah’s got ’em right where she wants ’em!]


[Melissa and Hanah are in on goal.  All they need now is a puck!]


[Melissa chases it down in the corner.]


[Madi and Shelby apply pressure.]


[Taylor E’s line gets a face-off in the offensive zone.  Can you feel something’s about to happen?]


[Yes!  Melissa scored!]


[And something to look forward to, she also scored the team’s 2nd goal in the 2nd period!  🙂 ]

The supervisor covered for my ailing memory this game by actually writing down the scoring during the course of the game.  Whatta trooper!  Here’s her report:

Goal 1:  Melissa Drown from Hanah Hansen;

Goal 2:  Melissa from Shanee’ Herd;

Goal 3:  Shelby Iverson from Madi Houska and McKenzie Revering;

Goal 4:  Anna Carlsen from Madi and Shelby;

Goal 5:  Mari Wosepka from Kaila Dewanz.


[After goal face-off, 10 bodies go into motion again.  The ref looks for safe refuge.]


[That same line’s in the zone again.]


[Possible an optical delusion.  It appears from looking at the ref and the players that the puck hasn’t been dropped yet.  And yet there appears to be a puck on the ice?]


[The first period is over, so let’s meet the cheerleaders.  Because they are, “Boom, dynamite!!”]


[Of course I forgot to ask the supervisor to take down their names.  My bad.  But here’s the list of names from the program:  Gabrielle Cahlin, Brittany Rochert, Kenzie Bakeberg, Madiysn Klimek, Aliiy Johnson (I have to ask if those are typos in the previous two first names?), Lexie Hubbard, and Mariah Lichty.  Anyone who can match a face with a name wins a cookie.]

[Editor’s aside:  My Gopher women’s hockey team just won their 26th straight game – an all-time record.  If you look to the left border of this blog, the young player in the Breck uniform is Milica McMillen.  She made the all-tournament team as an 8th-grader in 2008, the year our Cards won the state tournament.  She is now a freshman player for the Gophers.]


[In the 2nd period, this is the celebration of Melissa’s 2nd goal!]




[The line of Taylor E, Melissa, and Hanah is back in the zone again.]


[Sara . . .]


[Yells, Don’t swing!]


[Shelby’s goal.  Woo-woo!]


[So, celebrate!]


[The line of scrimmage – not for the faint of heart.]


[(See commentary after the following photo.)]


[The Cards had a well deserved lead after the 2nd period.  The shots-on-goal stat really isn’t telling in this instance – the Cards had a lot more shots, but they weren’t always “on goal.”  And that’s not bad.  We have mumbled (OK, under our breaths) that sometimes it seems the team shoots directly at the goalie rather the open parts of the net.  In this game, as well as other recent games, we several times had uncontested break outs on the goalie, but then would miss the net trying to be too fine hitting a corner.]


[Oh no!  More competition!  The Voices weren’t in their booth – they were off covering the girls’ first road basketball game.  As usually happens in a first road game, the Cards were not ready to shoot an unfamiliar baskets.  😦  They’ll regroup.]


[Start of the 3rd period.  A 2-goal lead is nice, but the next goal is telling.  If the other team scores first, it’s a one goal game again and anything can happen.  And Simley was a pretty good team.  They ran their first power play to perfection in scoring their only goal of the game.  We held our collective breaths whenever we were short-handed.]


[And Anna got the crucial next goal for us (though the puck is now by the refs).]


[Here we come again – and Melissa is positioned on the far side looking for a hat trick.]


[Madi and Shelby battling 2-on-5.]


[Oh, drat, I can’t remember who this was!  I took the photo because we were surprised it was called.  I believe it was for interference in the offensive zone by one of our mighty mites – Hanah or Sara?  Papas Iverson and Illies keep an eye on her for her transgression.]


[Sara finally gets to pick on someone her own size . . .]


[The Simley player – and she was a player – was their 8th-grade starting center.]


[Here come Taylor E and Melissa again.]


[No. 8 sticks an elbow in Melissa’s back as Hanah approaches the open side of the net.]


[Well, not this time.]


[Here come Kaila, Mari, and Rachel.]


[And Mari scored!]


[It was great to see that line score!  🙂 ]


[And we won!]


[DQ’s for all!]


[And Hockey Mom from the past made her first appearance of the year.  Sue Justice, a/k/a, Danielle “Roadblock’s” mom, is flanked by Super Fans, Vivian Annen (note her Alex hockey sweatshirt) and the supervisor.]


[Lookin’ good in the sports jacket the supervisor passed on from my Mom.]


[Then thanks to Super Fan Roger for once again singing the National Anthem prior to another win!  🙂 ]

[Editor’s p.s.:  Regarding high school daze, late last week it was noted that the highest temperature ever on that date was 47, in 1962, my sophomore year at Jefferson High School.  It was also noted that the lowest temperature ever on that date was minus 18, in 1964, my senior year.  I recall neither but note that the 47 degree temp has been under fire the last few days here.]

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