So, Summer’s Over?

Editor’s note:  We’re taking a short break from “Camp” to address subsequent local issues.  It is now dark when I go out to get the paper in the morning, camp is over, the Resorters is over, and we’re leaving our windows open at night for the first time in two months.  It’s time to prepare for the change of seasons.

[Since girls’ high school hockey is now just around the corner, it was time to get out and dust off the ole video camera!  (Photo courtesy TRMS.)]

[With the end of the Resorters began the reconstruction of Hole No. 7 at the Alexandria Golf Club.]

[As you learned in the preceding posts, I was at camp during the Resorters this year.  Thus, the only coverage I can provide is second hand.  It was a great year for the locals in all flights.  The Echo Press provided photos of Maggie Leland and Steve Herzog, the women’s and senior’s champs.]

[The first job on Hole No. 7 is draining the water hazard.  Then the crumbling “walls” will be removed.  The hole will be filled and the new green, still in the shape of Minnesota, will be moved back closer to Lake Darling.]

[During reconstruction, the par-4 8th hole will be a par-3 temporary 7th hole.  The temporary 8th hole will be a par-3 from behind the original 8th green to a temporary green beside the 9th tee.]

[Original 8th tee is taken out as an equipment pathway for the reconstruction.]

[Dusty Johnson tees off on the temporary No. 7 to the original 8th green.]

[By special request, coaches Ally Teclaw (l) and Dani Bany (r) directed the Alexandria girls’ U-14 softball team to a tournament title.  Ally and Dani were teammates on the Cardinals 2010 high school team, a Super Fan favorite.  (Echo Press photo)]

[Before we leave the golf course, two deer decide to play through on No. 4 . . .]

[. . . and Robo admires their form.  Photo by blog contributor, A. Grundei.]

[This Just In:  Camp Ballantine Claims Deer, Lawsuit Expected!  Thomas:  FYI….those deers on #4 are part of CB. In the a.m. they are grazing in our backyard. Whether they are the same “guys”, we have had this group since 2005. Regards, Santa Claus  P.S.  Ribs on the Green Egg on Wed. Mmmmmm]

[Meanwhile, Thursday night, back at the Maritime Museum . . .]

[The very first concert at the brand new, if still a work in progress, Maritime Gardens.]

[Our very own, locally-grown, Uncle Willie’s Gutbucket Blues Band (Terry Kennedy, Al Lieffort, and Erik Schultz) was the opening act.]

[Pretty nifty stage, huh?]

[The irregular crowd shuffles in . . .]

[Then came the pride of Emporia, Kansas – Kelley Hunt!  🙂 ]

[The sun setting on a perfect evening.]

[The band was delighted with the Minnesota weather – they said the temperature was 103 when they left “home.”  As the sun began setting, jackets came out!]

[Great sky!  Her guitar player was from Detroit; her bass player and drummer were from Nashville.]

[Deb Trumm angling for a backlit shot.]

[And thanks to Deb and Paul for co-sponsoring this event.]


[Kelley is terrific!  It was a high energy show with a nice variety – but an emphasis on boogie-woogie!  🙂  (p.s.  I didn’t take any videos – no time to ask.  They were a half-hour late – had the wrong starting time.  But they played that extra half-hour.) ]

Here’s a video of her from YouTube – the same three guys backed her here.  She pretty much burns the place down  🙂  :

[Friday night was a visit to the Methodist church for one of the five programs in the annual Festival of the Lakes program.  Classical music performed by the state’s finest.]

[Well, at least it’s a photo of the venue!]

[Saturday morning, out the back window on beautiful Lake Darling.  (OK, it’s Mt. Baker from Seattle blog contributor, Terry Lang – picky, picky, picky.]

[Off I went to see the new sculpture by Marcia McEachron in Big Ole Park.]

[And later, it was off to the winery for an afternoon with the Salty Dogs, starring Erik’s best side.]  (“If I Had a Million Dollars”)

[Then, as the sun began to set on Broadway, downtown Alexandria (OK, it’s Manhattan (from TRMS). . .]

[ . . . we headed downtown to SAWA for an evening with Lila Ammons (OK, it’s Rosario Resort on Orcas Island (the San Juans), from T. Lang).]

[Lila Ammons (stock photo), jazz and blues singer from The Cities.  We were kidnapped by gypsies on our trek from the winery to SAWA, so we arrived only in time for the final hour + of her performance.  Thus, I was not able to get the requisite clearances for videos and photos.  At the end of her performance, noting that she had sung Killing Me Softly, I did relay to her that I had personally discovered Roberta Flack in a small Georgetown bookstore in the mid-60’s before she was discovered by the rest of the word. 😉  ]

Here is a stock YouTube:

We’ll look forward to future “visits” from her!

[Today we were late arrivals at the winery.  Josie Nelson was the talent.  Rain had been predicted for the entire day, and we didn’t feel like sitting inside.  By 4:30, still no rain, we decided to go out there to see how Josie was doing – and get a pizza (they now have food).   We were joined by Judy and Dwaine Berger and got seats right in front of the stage.  Josie, now a seasoned and polished performer, greeted we strangers with a “Hi, how are you are?”  She reported she turned 13 on August 6 and was still making adjustments to being a teenager.  Oy!  I’m pretty sure I have boxers older than 13!  She only played until 5:00 (she is only 13!), so I wasn’t able to garner (i.e., find her parents) the requisite clearances (again?) for videos.  But she already has many on YouTube.]  (Josie on YouTube)

And finally, the son-in-law from Indiana is in-state again to check on their northern property.  Here is his report:

After a couple days of working at the Harn it was time to head up to Moose Lake for a Rocket Stove Workshop.

I drove from Alida up through Ely to Moose Lake (5 miles from Canada) today and it was a fabulous drive along MN 1 to Ely, up 169 to a gravel road and a few minutes later I arrived. I did make a stop in Tower, MN (record -67* in 1992) as they had a farmers market going on and the cinnamon roll was about my size (round) however the peaches are ‘low sugar” according to the Amish woman who provided them to me.

Here is some of the scenery of MN 1 and the Canadian Border Outfitters (my new vacation destination). I’m far enough North for Northern Lights this evening!

[New portable shower at the harn (house/barn), where there is no plumbing.]

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