Boys Hockey*

[* Because, like Sherwin-Williams, we cover the Earth.]

But first, apologies.  I forgot to include the following in the previous blog post.  We learned from an incontrovertible source that Jamie Piepenburg, a/k/a, “The Peeper” (to certain Super Fans), has signed with the University of Minnesota where she will compete in track and cross-country.  Because such activities at a Division-1 level university will hardly occupy any of her time, she has decided to enter pre-med to help keep herself busy.  Alexandria’s loss is the U’s gain – congratulations, Jamie!

[From somewhere else – The Echo?]

So, the game.  We beat Sartell, 2-1.  But we sensed from the beginning things were not going to go smoothly.  We had to walk down a muddy road, with mud puddles, to the arena, and inside the rink was colder than it was outside (see report on The Weather, below).  Then, due to technical difficulties, the National Anthem could not be played.  Finally, the crowd spontaneously broke into an a cappella version – as it neared conclusion, the Alex and the Sartell fans realized they were on different verses, but finally came together at the end for a rousing crescendo.

[Junior goalie, Ben Allen, was introduced.]

[Then, the starters.]

[Then the team assembled for what eventually became the anthem.]  (Video of game’s 1st 5 minutes)

[Ben’s ready – we have been hearing good reports about his ‘tending all year.]

[Kevin Finley (16), sophomore defense – see report on his big sister, Rachael, below.]

[Jacob Hennessy (28), senior forward]

[Tom Schmidt (19), junior forward]

[Andrew Rentschler (12), sophomore defense]

[ONE shot in the first period was disturbing.  That hastened our decision to leave after the 2nd period (I think Sartell had the worst record in the conference).  It was “date night” after all, we had been advised earlier that we had won a bottle of wine at SAWA, Kevin Klimek was playing, and the supervisor was getting hungry.]

[Realizing the 2nd would be our last period, I began firing shots with wild abandon.  I believe I had my best game ever as a hockey photographer.  🙂  I hope to carry that momentum forward into the girls game on Saturday.]

[Jordan Domine (27), senior forward, fires a slapshot.]

[The Super Fans sponsor a Puck Shoot.  Couple years ago I missed the $100 by about 2 inches right.]

[Vinnie and staff try to figure out why the anthem couldn’t be played.  Roger and Dusty are going to have to be available for all games!]

[Garrett Skinner (17), senior defense, and Charlie Wensman (36), senior forward.]

[Garrett’s probably our most versatile player.  Switched to defense this year to help out the younger guys back there.  Still centers the power play.]

[Bryce Miller (3), senior forward, and Brock Wood (21), senior forward]

[Aaron Steidl (38), sophomore defense]


[Yup, I got a goal!  I could sense it coming when Jack Wensman (8), junior forward, got the puck in the slot.  He shot it before he went down – you can see the puck in the upper left hand corner of the net.  That was the only goal when we left at the end of the 2nd period – Cards up 1-0.]

[Matt Resch (9), sophomore forward]

And there were competing, simultaneous events last night.  Four sources reported essentially the same thing (ergo, it must be true!) about the boys’ basketball team home loss in OT to Sauk Rapids – we couldn’t get the ball into our big guys!

And two unimpeachable sources reported the same thing about our hockey girls 4-3 loss at Sartell-Sauk Rapids (another class AA team) last night.  The Stormin’ Sabres scored three power play goals, that, according to our sources, were dubious calls at best.  The preferential (?) calls for the home team may have something to do with the fact (?) that the Stormin’ Sabres are one of the few teams to have their team photo posted in the Minneapolis StarTribune high school sports website.  Anyway, as you may recall, we lost to them at home early in the season by, I believe, a 6-2 score.  They only have one conference loss.  We outshot them 40-32 at their place.  That’s a good sign that the team is continuing to improve.  Rachael Finley had two goals and Shanee’ Herd had the other.  We look forward to the home game against Detroit Lakes on Saturday – seems like a long time since we’ve had a home game.

Bonus Coverage – The Weather

It’s become too crazy to not provide fair and balanced coverage.  Yesterday’s 54 degree high broke the old record for January 5 . . . by 16 degrees!  This phenomenon was of such import, we hired a professional male model for the following display (who knows what the thermometer would have read if I hadn’t forgotten to check it when it was in the sun?):

The only thing wrong with this pic was the guy! ~ Cactus Bob

Amazing.  I saw some TV news last week that showed people in MN playing golf, not sure which city. ~ Fitzie (in D.C.)

Your weather is taking all of the fun out of being a Snow Bird! ~ Arizona Loren

Big deal. We beat you by 17 degrees.  Neener neener neeener.  ~ Crazy Dave (in Sarasota) [Editor’s note:  Some day he’s going to have to define, “neener neener neener?”]

Who says Global Warming doesn’t exist? The weather has been beautiful here. Dan and I have been going for nice walks in the park and our neighborhood without freezing our A————-es off. Last year we had ice and snow. So far, so good. As for wearing shorts, you’ll do anything to show off your legs and tight little bum. ~ Carolyn, in Indiana (OK, she’s my sister-in-law, so is granted certain literary license.)

Weather stories from the Strib:

Amazingly, fish houses on beautiful Lake Darling are still standing?

Then on the way home from the gym this morning, I caught the national symbol catching rays (sorry, didn’t have the big lens camera with me).

The above and the following were along West Lake Cowdry Road.

Finally, it appears this will be the first year that the supervisor starts her flower gardens in January?

Just for fun, Basketball Dan was in Ensenada, Mexico, on December 28 – his view out of his B&B.

And Al Grundei submitted the Alex Golf Club in 1932.

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