A Blast from the Past VII

[February 25, 2010]  Cards win conference!

With a 65 – 28 victory over Rocori tonight, the Card girl basketballers won the conference with a 16 – 2 record.  They will open section play on Tuesday at home against the very same Spartans.  It was nice to see, though I don’t know if they saw me, recently anointed Super Fans and high school classmates, Ruth Helie and Vonita Johnson, at the game.  Also saw Laura McCoy – Larry, didn’t see?  Dusty showed and said he and Joy will be at the “X” tomorrow for the hockey game.

So, till then – more stuff from yesterday and today.  We had the “Cardinal” eyeing Robo; and Mark Meuwissen and son Ryan holding a sign for all the seniors, including their daughter/sister, Beth Rindy, No. 16.  At Ridder today, Super Fan Bob ran across a New Ulm fan and borrowed the photo of the goalie for this photo – Bob was “educated” at New Ulm Nunnery getting his ears boxed by the sisters.  The Ridder wall had photos of Gophers and former Gophers who are Olympians – including Finland’s goalie.  We got home just in time to see the Finns beat Sweden in OT for the bronze medal in women’s hockey – the usually stolid Finns had a crazy celebration, it was fun to watch.  We laughed when we reviewed the Olympic team jerseys on display – the Canadian and Finland jerseys were “Made in Indonesia,” the USA jersey was “Made in Canada” – go figure!

Finally, I was thinking we paid $12 each to see the New Ulm – Hutchinson girls hockey game.  Didn’t give it a second thought.  I can’t think of any pro sports events I’d pay $12.00 to see (OK, maybe the Twins, occasionally).

[Editor’s note:  I just delete the bad reviews.]  Tom . . . many thanks for including me in your sports recap. Did you miss your calling in life?  Great job!  – Jon 

Hi,  Finally went to see the basketball team I have been hearing about all season.  Couldn’t shake Larry loose.  Not many outstate girls teams get to have three six foot girls on the starting lineup.  Jack and Jenny Trumm are deservedly proud of those grandgirls….Laura

[February 28, 2010]  Hi! We’re home!

A new personal record – though, no doubt, some would consider it of dubious distinction.  Five games in two days!  Nine games in four days!  This may be beyond any achievement by Basketball Dan.  As I recall, it went something like this:


Warroad v. Chisago Lakes, girls hockey in St. Paul;

Alexandria v. Faribault, girls hockey in St. Paul


New Ulm v. Hutchinson, girls hockey in Minneapolis;

Alexandria v. Rocori, girls basketball in Alexandria


Breck v. So. St. Paul, girls hockey in St. Paul;

Alexandria v. Warroad, girls hockey in St. Paul;

Augsburg v. Gustavus Adolphus, womens hockey in Minneapolis;


Alexandria v. So. St. Paul, girls hockey in St. Paul;

Alexandria v. Willmar, boys hockey in Alexandria

We finally came home to check mail and do laundry.  And during all that, we somehow found time niches to watch most of the Canada-USA Olympic hockey game, which showed the amazing level the sport has now achieved; the final minutes of what we knew would be a great final between Warroad and Breck for the class A state title (Warroad, by 3 – 1, with empty netter); and all of the girls class AA hockey game won by Roseville, 4 – 0, over Edina.  To Crazy Dave, who queried as to the venue, the games were at the XCel Center, home of the Minnesota Wild and generally considered the best arena in the country for any sport (consolation games were at Ridder Arena on the U of M campus, where Bob Annen met friends from New Ulm).  Girls hockey still doesn’t draw, but it’s getting better – such as Brother Cam are catching on.  The girls draw maybe 4 – 5,000 per session at the “X,” the boys tournament in a couple of weeks will fill the place at 20,000.

So, last things first.  We drove back from the Cities yesterday after the girls 9:00 am 3rd place game, dropped Bob off at the Annen abode (he’d had enough!), and Ruthie, Vivian and I went on to the RCC for the boys hockey game.  Ruthie & Viv still had enough lung power for cheering.  We met a good contingent of Card fans at the game – John and Annetta Knowles (actually scouting for Hermantown, where there grandson plays), Robo, Dusty, the Hoymster, Scarby, Jim Pohl, and Paige Scarby and friend to be named later.  Ruthie had to phone the game’s progress to Teddy Hockey, who with Sue, was down with Danielle for game 2 of the Augsburg – Gustavus match-up.

Reports from those who know were that Willmar’s goalie was the best in the state, so it figured to be a tough, low scoring game.  The Cards scored first on a goal by sophomore Jordan Domine, only his 4th of the year, but his 3rd in the last two games!  Then Casey Vangsness scored and the Cards had a 2 – 0 lead after the second period.  But, as the old hockey saying goes, a 2-goal lead is the hardest lead to hold.  So, early in the 3rd, the Cards had a fall down turnover in their own zone and Willmar closed to 2 – 1.  Then the Cards had back-to-back penalties called and had to fight off a 5-on-3 situation for over a minute and a half – somehow during the time, the Cards had the best scoring opportunity on a break out by Ross Thompson.  After surviving the short-handed situation, the Cards settled back in and eventually got a 3rd goal, by Thomas Williams (his 35th of the season, I believe 5th highest in the state), and the Cards won 3 – 1.

The section final will be at the MAC on Friday v. Sartell, a 2 – 1 winner over Fergus last night.  The Super Fan caravan will leave early for a nosh at Anton’s, but we have to get to the arena early.  As I recall, they turned away people last year when capacity was reached.

[February 28, 2010]  Hi! We’re home! Part II

An aside.  It’s tough to admit, but many (i.e., not the women) of we Super Fans are in the autumn of our years (hopefully, not the early winter!).  And it’s at that age where we, as a society, often face the task of becoming our parents.  Life performs a reversal.

Similarly, this past week brought to mind that an entirely different group has replaced the sports heroes of our youths -the Harmon Killebrews, the Fran Tarkentons, the Bobby Bells, et al -.  Our sports heroes now are the likes of Abby Williams; Nikki Ecklund; Danielle Justice; Alison, Andrea, and Sara Toft; and Brittney Bruzek – all Cardinal hockey alums.  And this week we got a chance to see them all again, much to our delights!

Abby and Nikki (the centers on our state championship team) were at the “X” to watch this year’s team in the state tournament – and to have their pictures taken with Ted Justice, a/k/a Teddy Hockey, the proud father of Danielle, the goalie on that championship team.  Then, with the Annens, we went to the Augsburg Ice Arena, to see the Division III game between the Auggies and Gustavus – great hockey to watch, but the Gusties are ranked 8th nationally and won 5 – 0.  Danielle plays goalie for the Gusties (standing lonely in goal – waiting for others to send after game photos of her with the group) – and Sara (No. 19) and Andrea (No. 11) were playing their final home game for the Auggies.  Photo of them after the game, with father John in background, and older sister Alison (sorry about the cutoff) on the right.  We also saw Brittney at the game – I think Viv got photos.  And finally, Abby was at the Alex boys home hockey game yesterday, with Paige Scarborough, to see her younger brother Thomas perform.

[February 28, 2010]  Hi! We’re home! Part III

OK, “the readership” is clamoring for results at the state tournament.  But it’s hard to sort through thousands of photos, hundreds of videos, and then try to do a semi-coherent narrative.  But, we’ll try.

We played the No. 1 seed, Warroad, in the semis.  Warroad was thought to be the best team in the state all year – regardless of class.  We played them even in the 1st period, down just 1 – 0.  Then they opened the 2nd period on a roll – scored three very early goals and it was all over (Teddy Hockey mentioned their coach must have told them between periods if they didn’t play better, they were going back to Canada!  Ha!  Apparently, they only do have 4 players who are actually from Warroad, but such is the state of big time high school athletics now.)  Anyway, they are very good.  The Cards did get the opportunity to play everyone in a state tournament game in a 10 – 0 loss.

The 3rd place game @ 9:00 am on Saturday morning against So. St. Paul was going to be a more competitive game.  The Packers scored on two of their first 3 shots for a 2 – 0 lead.  The game was evenly played from then on – and with the right bounces, the Cards could have won.  They lost 4 – 1 (the Packers got an empty netter at the end).

The team was very disappointed at the end.  To their credit, when they requested the captains come forward for the 4th place trophy, they all leaped happily into the air and were proud of their achievements.  They stayed on the ice in response to the fans for photos – collapsing into giggles as a team – then the seniors went out for more photos.  They had a good year.  And with 16 sophomores or younger on the team, they should be competitive again next year.

The videos are of the team intros for the Warroad game.  And then the fans gathered at the entrance for when they appeared for the start of the 3rd period against So. St. Paul – Ruthie & Viv were right in the middle of it all.



[February 28, 2010]  Hi! We’re home! (Addendum)

OK, I get an incomplete on the boys game.  I forgot to mention that we all thought the defensemen all had great games.  Zack Shuck, Kirby Nelson, Zach Van Orsdel, Aaron Rentschler, and Scott Hennen are all very mobile and capable of caring the puck from end to end on solo rushes – they all did it often in this game.  We were also impressed with the young 3rd line, which had a great game.  The Cards have balance and depth that we hope will carry them a long way.  6’3″ sophomore goalie, Erich Murphy, continues to improve at just the right time.

This also gives us the opportunity to pass along our favorite sign from the tourney.  From the So. St. Paul student section in their game against Breck – a representation of the public school v. private school (“cashmere sweater, camel hair coat”) animus.  Ha!

[February 28, 2010]  Hi! We’re home! Part IV

I think we’re down to the photos only part of the program.  Here are various fan scenes – from the Super Fans to the hockey moms (who were wearing their daughters home jerseys – there was some debate among the moms as to whether the daughters had washed them first!).

[February 28, 2010]  Hi! We’re home! Part V

OK, mostly for the “scrappers.”  But for the snowbirds, we had great weather all week – sunny and around 30.  Same forecast for all this week, with maybe 40’s by the end of the week!  Time to dust off the golf clubs??

[February 28, 2010]  Hi! We’re home! Part VI

This may be the end (I heard that!) – at least until I am a recipient from other “photojournalists,” such as Sue Justice at the Gusty-Auggie game; her parents, Jerry and Millie; the Toft and Justice hockey parents; and “waiting for our Cards!”

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